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Your AC is Causing Humidity: Reasons and Solutions

Your AC is your best line of defence against the roasting heat of summer. It is also your number one device for managing humidity during summertime. But sometimes, you feel the humidity has increased to a level that you do not feel comfortable with. Book Mahir’s Company AC Services.

You might blame the weather, which may be the case, but when we dig deeper, we can find out that your air conditioning unit might also be the culprit. And sometimes, it is the real culprit.

There may be any internal issue with your AC that makes it malfunction, leading to increased humidity and heat in your house. What is the solution then? Book the AC services in Islamabad, inspect your unit, and get it repaired as soon as possible.

Your unit might be facing problems that are making it absorb less moisture and heat from your house. We are discussing some of the most common problems that might occur, and you should watch out for these AC issues.

Reasons for the Increased Humidity Level in Your House

1.    Frozen Evaporator Coils

There are evaporator coils in your air conditioning system that absorb heat from your surrounding and remove moisture from your house’s air. But sometimes, these evaporator coils freeze while using your unit, which leads to no absorption of heat or removal of moisture from your house’s air.

There are multips reasons for freezing these evaporator coils of your unit, such as:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Clogged condensate drain
  • Blocked condenser unit
  • Low refrigerant


Watch out for the above-mentioned causes. If you find any, do not ignore them and get them fixed as soon as possible. For effective and efficient inspection and maintenance, you should book AC  Installtion services in Islamabad.

2.    Bigger Size of Your AC

First of all, let us clarify here that size means the cooling capacity of the systems, not the physical size. Most homeowners think that the higher the cooling capacity of the system, the better will be the efficiency of the system.

But it is not the case. When you use an air conditioning system with a higher cooling capacity, it not only consumes more energy but also increases humidity in your house. How?

When your air conditioning unit switches off and on, it can not absorb the humidity and heat from your house, which leads to an increased level of humidity in your house.


When you are going to buy an air conditioning unit for your house, you should do some calculations first. Know the size of your room or house, and then consult with an expert AC technician. He can suggest to you the most appropriate size of AC for your house.

3.    Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters are one of the most common reasons for increasing the humidity levels in your house. When you do not clean or maintain your air conditioning unit regularly, dust, dirt, and grit accumulate in it.

This debris clogs the air filters of your unit, making the passage of cool air difficult. When the cool air does not find any way, out it starts roaming inside the unit. After contact with evaporator coils, the cool air freezes them.

The ice and frost cover the coils, not letting them absorb the heat and moisture from the surrounding air. As a result, the level of humidity in your house increases.


If you want to decrease the humidity in your house, you should replace your dirty air filters regularly. You can replace your unit’s dirty filters on your own or book AC repair services in Islamabad.

4.    Old AC

Sometimes, you keep using your old, broken-down unit to spend one more season with it. It might cool your house to an extent but it can not provide you with the luxury of a new system.

The lower efficiency of the wrecked air conditioning system leads to lower absorption of moisture from the air, which means a higher level of humidity in your house.


You should update your air conditioning unit when it is necessary. Otherwise, if you do not afford the replacement at the time, you should inspect and maintain it regularly, so that it can work optimally.

You can book home maintenance services for regular inspection and maintenance of your AC and other home appliances. Professional service providers will trace the problems beforehand and resolve them effectively.



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