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Why Should Your Small Business Go for a Web Design Service

Surprisingly, over one-third of small businesses are not online, for they think they don’t need a website now. With about 80 percent of people searching for a brand or product online before shopping, it is essential for any business to have a website to get most online shoppers to visit and buy its product or service. A well-designed website helps you develop your small business and connect with potential customers. 

Moreover, it also helps customers ensure that your business is legitimate. With a website, you can gain more visibility online. It’s now time to know how to launch a site without spending much. In this situation, you don’t have any technical skills to create a website by yourself or hire a designer, which is expensive and not affordable in the initial stage of your business.

Being a solopreneur or small business owner, you don’t have time to create a website using online resources. Don’t worry, you have website design service providers who can help you create a website at an affordable price. They have expert designers who will use a web-building tool and create a website based on your requirement. All you need to do is to choose the platform, whether Website Builder or WordPress, to design a website. 

There are numerous service providers who offer you this facility. Choosing the most reliable service-providing company depends on the website design package, what includes in it, and the price. You can look for a plan that offers a one-time purchase of website design service with a monthly subscription plan for hosting. It will cost low and even lower if you opt for a longer period of hosting service, say 3 years or more. 

What should you choose – a Website Builder or WordPress?

With an online web design service provider, you can save time and money. There are professional designers who will craft an SEO-friendly website to rank high on the search engines. Nevertheless, you need to choose the platform – Website Builder or WordPress. 

If you want to have a fully functional online store or scale your website later, go for a WordPress design, which offers thousands of themes, plugins, and extensions to customize your website. Thus, you can add several functions like SEO, a product catalogue, payment gateways, shipping, analytics, maps, a shopping cart, and a contact form. Based on your creative brief, the technical experts will have themes, functions, images, and photos on your website. 

With the Website Builder, there are hundreds of professionally designed templates on different themes, which can be used or customized by mixing and matching the elements on various templates. 

You can review the design when it is ready and send it for revisions. You are allowed a certain number of revisions depending on the subscription plan. In case you want to edit the website, you can do it using the editing tools. Some distinguishing features of a website design package include a project coordinator, 5 or 15 web pages, unlimited images, a page editor, Google Maps, stock photos, design revisions, email forms, SSL certification, and social networking.

How does a web design service work?

You start by choosing a web design platform, which may be a Website Builder or WordPress design. You will come across both basic and premium packages to help you choose the most suitable and affordable one. 

After deciding on the platform, you need to send a creative brief filling in your needs, timelines, and other essential aspects. It includes:

  • Sample website references
  • The web pages that you want to create. For instance, the About Us, Products page, Contact Us page, etc.
  • Content for various pages
  • Stock photos or images to include in the webpages

With these details, the designers will have a clear idea about your needs and expectations. You will receive the website design within 3-10 days for revision. You can review it and give your feedback. 

To conclude, if you have been waiting so long to have a website, don’t hesitate to find a suitable web design service now by keeping in mind the points explained. Select a provider who can provide you with everything in the package, like domain name, hosting, security, and 24-hour support.



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