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Why Should You Wear Body Armor? Here Are Some of the Reasons Why Every American Should Wear Body Armor

After learning so much about body armor, I have discovered that there are numerous myths about personal body armor. The personal ballistic defense should not be limited to our military and law enforcement communities. The ability to protect yourself in your own way is a right that not all Americans are aware of.

I would like to discuss a few of the reasons why every American should have some type of ballistic protection.

Why Should Americans Worry About Body Armor?

There are numerous reasons why we believe that every family should consider wearing body armor. I would like to provide a few reasons why everyone should think about wearing body armor.

1. Shooting and Hunting for Game

Millions of people in the United States hunt for fun as well as for a living. What is the best body armor plate for deer season? For optimal cross-arm movement and comfort during hunting season, wear body armor in the Shooters Cut. Before deciding on a plate, everyone should be properly sized.

2. Self-Defense at Home

Gun sales have skyrocketed in recent years for many of the same reasons that hunting has. Covid has changed the way many of us look at life and has heightened our concern for personal safety.

If you are going to carry a firearm, it makes sense to invest in personal ballistic protection. It takes more than a gun to protect your family because modern bullets pass through walls and kill people every year. Body armor for your home makes a lot of sense if you live in an area with high crime rates.

3. Everyone is permitted to wear body armour (Almost)

We are frequently asked whether ordinary Americans have access to personal ballistic protection (body armor). Although rifle-caliber body armour was designed for the military and law enforcement, all Americans are permitted to own Level 3 and Level 4 NIJ-Listed body armour.

There is only one situation in which you are not permitted to own body armour: if you are a convicted felon.

4. Safeguarding Our Children

It is unfortunate that we have to have this conversation, but modern times do not appear to be as safe for our children as we would like. This is why bulletproof backpack inserts designed to stop any handgun and rifle up to NIJ Level 3 are available.

Even more impressive is the plate’s thickness of only 0.7″ thick. This plate will fit into any school-age backpack and protect them from any caliber handgun bullet.

5. Public Occasions

Drugs, alcohol, and weapons are frequently used at music concerts, sporting events, and large festivals. Wearing a body armour plate in public is more common than many of you may realise.

However, due to the weight of the plate, a Level 3 or 4 plate made of steel may be unattainable for most people. We try to be realistic in our expectations, and we would never expect someone to stand for 3-6 hours and walk long distances in steel armour.

Lightweight body armour will always be the preferred option, and for the past decade, that has meant soft plate inserts for handgun calibre protection.



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