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Why Node.js Is The Best For Your Product Development

The demand for Node.js Development Services is rapidly enhancing as Node.js has evolved as the most popular choice among the top developers worldwide. 

Node.js is a runtime environment, not a library or framework. It depends on V8 Javascript, which helps the JavaScript code apply on the server-side.

 This rapid growth in just over a decade is due to the advantages it offers, including a two-way client-server communication channel. Hence, making Node.js development services an excellent choice for cross-platform development.

Without getting into much technicalities, here are top Node.js development statistics that will demonstrate its superiority over the competition: 

Web Tribunal Report States 

  • Most top brands like Amazon, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal, and eBay use Node JS
  • 43% of Node JS developers use it for enterprise applications.
  • It is mainly used for web app development by 85% of users.
  • After deploying Node JS, PayPal saw a 35% reduction in average response time on its page.
  • Not only that, but Node JS can boost application performance by up to 50%.
  • It also cuts development costs by 58%.

Benefits Of Choosing Node.js Development services For Website development

There are numerous benefits why Node.js is the perfect choice for web development

  • Offers Higher Speed
  • Well-rounded community 
  • Provides Scalability
  • Offers Technical support 
  • SEO-friendly 
  • Real-time development  
  • Save Costs 

The open-source runtime environment of Node.js offers internal workings, including package management, unified APIs, native bindings, and threading. 

Let us be more clear about how such technicalities result in productive work further below.

Offers Higher Speed

  • As Google’s V8 engine powers Node.js. It allows JavaScript code to be converted to machine code and helps to save development time on program executions.
  • Products for Node.js web app development support significantly more parallel connections.
  • Paypal reduced its app response time by 35%, thanks to Node.js app development. 

Provides A Well-rounded Community 

  • In a StackOverflow poll, Node.js was ranked first in the various technology categories for the second year. 
  • The ranking demonstrates how close-knit and widespread the developer community is about this tool. 
  • Constant updates keep visitors coming back for more, and ready-to-use plugins and code bytes are available on GitHub.

Provides Scalability

  • Due to V8 engines, Node.js web application development allows ultra-fast computation speeds.
  • Node.js divides an application into finer processes by using microservices. These processes can be assigned to multiple teams in parallel to be developed in tandem with the increasing number of user requests. 
  • Faster background processes resulted in low-lag operations and increased user traffic. However, never use Node.js for CPU-intensive tasks.

Offers Technical support 

  • Node.js is the first preference of professionals for web development because its parent team offers long term technical support.
  •  Soon after the release of each version of Node.js, the code is monitored for another 18 months.
  • Instead of adding new features, this time is spent fixing bugs and gathering user feedback for future releases.

Real-Time Development 

  • Real-time apps create engaging environments that are dynamic and spontaneous. Some examples are gaming apps, messenger apps and other similar applications.
  • Their development requires a significant amount of event-based programming as well as communication with a non-blocking server. 
  • Because Node.js uses asynchronous operations to optimise coordination with the CPU and memory, developers can focus their efforts on real-time web application development.

Saves Cost

  • Node.js is a free and open-source cross-platform runtime environment for executing javascript code.
  • Node.js memory footprint is smaller than that of Java servers or PHP. 
  • The Node. js-based server operates on an event-driven loop, saving a significant amount of RAM, hardware, and software.

SEO Friendly

  •  When it comes to SEO practices, developers frequently take a backwards approach. They create a website and then redesign it to be SEO-friendly. However, this isn’t the case with Node.js. Its built-in features provide pre-packaged codes that work in conjunction with search algorithms.
  • Another reason to use it is that it is completely free! Knowing and understanding the points above, we can confidently state that open source is the way to go as a Node.js development company in the United States. 
  • It works well with open source libraries. In addition to being free, it provides cutting-edge toolkits such as Redux and Flux.

Wrapping Up!

The above pointers clarify why node.js is the most powerful and popular Software Development Services in USA. Node.js is unquestionably the best web development option if you’re looking for real-time web apps. It helps both the developers and the users in website or web application development. It has all the features required to deliver exceptional results. 

Node.js is the framework to use if you want to keep web developers motivated and customers happy with your web app’s performance. However, make sure you hire the right Node.js development company or an experienced Node.js developer for ease.

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