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Why Custom Rigid Packaging Is So Useful During COVID

Why Custom Rigid Packaging Is So Useful During COVID-19? Well, as a product packaging designer, I know the importance of a custom-designed package. In my career, I’ve worked with many types of packaging, from Metsa Board and Syntegon RPP to UFlex. But what’s so cool about custom-designed packaging?


UFlex has partnered with Metsa Board, an Indian pharma packaging manufacturer, to provide free vaccines for COVID-19 patients. By early June, UFlex hopes to vaccinate all employees, including emergency workers, in order to keep everyone safe. COVID-19 has also prompted an increase in the demand for custom rigid packaging. The company has taken the lead in developing sustainable packaging, including award-winning green BOPET films and Asclepius film, which is up to 100 percent PCR.

Uflex is a global packaging company with manufacturing facilities across India, UAE, Mexico, and Egypt. It is a truly multinational company, and its manufacturing facilities are state-of-the-art. It has also won countless awards and has been recognized by D&B Global Database. This award-winning company helps companies protect their products from damage during COVID-19 and beyond. For those who cannot attend the exhibition, Uflex is an excellent choice for packaging supplies.

According to Mondi research, 45% of consumers in the CE region will increase their online shopping in 2020. Eighty percent of new online shoppers plan to continue clicking and buying even after the pandemic. More importantly, 87% of consumers are concerned with environmental factors, and 57% are willing to pay a little more for packaging that meets all their needs. Fortunately, UFlex has partnered with major brands to develop innovative solutions.

UFlex has also partnered with Mespack and Hoffer Plastics to develop innovative solutions for custom rigid packaging. These companies have been working with the brand owners and converters to make their solutions more sustainable. One such innovation is Asclepius, a green film developed by Uflex’s R&D team. As a result, UFlex is making packaging a better choice for the environment.

Syntegon RPP

A recent Covid-19 pandemic has further fueled the automation megatrend, with food manufacturers increasingly relying on robotic solutions to streamline their processes. Syntegon Technology, an industry leader in packaging and process technology, has introduced the RPP robotic pick-and-place platform. These robotic cells are configurable to automate feeding, handling, and loading tasks. Syntegon RPP has been designed to increase productivity and lower labor costs by automating critical processes and entire systems.

The Syntegon RPP platform automates process steps in manufacturing, with the ability to tailor production to meet specific requirements. Because of its modular design, it can be customized to meet various production capacity requirements. Each Syntegon RPP robotic cell can be connected to multiple Delta robots, ensuring a seamless integration of the entire system. The RPP platform can be configured to meet a variety of requirements and can be integrated into an existing production line.

Metsa Board

In the process of developing custom rigid packaging, Metsa Board has published a new impact report on sustainable packaging. The impact report was developed with the help of AskKauko, a Finnish software company that develops next-generation impact communication solutions. During COVID-19, the board is undergoing testing in the United States and Europe. For more information, visit

Metsa Board is part of the Metsa Group, a leading European producer of premium paperboards and corrugated cardboard. In fact, the company was one of the few companies in the corrugated and paperboard industry to score in the top 1% for sustainability and ethics. Its innovative paperboard technology also helps customers to cut their environmental impact. By reducing carbon footprint and enhancing environmental performance, Metsa Board’s packaging is more environmentally friendly and less expensive to produce.

Another innovative project being launched by Metsa Board involves the design of corrugated waste bins for face masks. With face mask use rising to hundreds of millions worldwide, these products often end up littering public places. To solve this issue, Metsa Board has teamed up with packaging agency Futupack and corrugated board converter Capertum. The packaging design emphasizes renewable materials, usability, and disposal.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the nation, consumers began remaking the celebrations they had attended in bars and restaurants. Specialty food and beverage kits began to appear on the internet. Metsa Board custom printed rigid boxes were helpful during this period of increased demand for sustainability. Additionally, high-quality white kraft liners can help support sales promotion and differentiation in the fast-growing E-commerce segment.


UNITED CAPS has been an important sponsor of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The company’s team of experts is on the front lines of the situation, laying out clear working procedures and closely monitoring developments. The company has also assessed its entire supply chain and informed its suppliers of new guidelines for accessing its sites. During the event, UNITED CAPS will also host a special virtual session, “UNITED VIRTUALLY,” where company representatives can share the latest innovations, news, and product announcements.

The company has grown to become a reference in the closures industry. With 11 manufacturing facilities and 16 sales offices globally, UNITED CAPS is positioned to respond quickly and offer localized production. With a global workforce of 650 people and 158 million in turnover, UNITED CAPS has grown into a worldwide leader in the industry. During COVID-19, they were so helpful to their clients and customers.


Aptar CSP Technologies, a material science leader and part of the AptarGroup, has selected Activ-Film custom rigid packaging to protect two new at-home COVID-19 tests. The new tests were recently granted Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA. These at-home COVID-19 tests are developed by a leading diagnostic healthcare company, and the Activ-Film technology protects the products from moisture and other environmental conditions.

Activ-Film’s proprietary 3-Phase Activ-Polymer technology will protect Quidel Corporation’s QuickVue SARS Antigen test during COVID-19. This unique technology combines a base polymer with a channeling agent and an active particle to create a customized microclimate within the headspace. These solutions increase the stability of medical products.



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