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When is the proper time to replace your bodyarmor?

If you are one of those people who wants to protect yourself from bullets and attacks, it is the right time to make some investment in your security and safety. Body armor is the highly used protective piece of equipment that can become your life savior. Back then, it was just used by law enforcement and armed personnel. Still, with the rising uncertainty and terror attacks worldwide, people are making this investment to protect themselves from unknown attacks. Body armor has saved many people as wearing it around the torso hinders the evaporation of sweat over a large portion of the body cover area and shields the wearers. 

Most of the body armor is designed to defeat the threat of handguns. The body armor around the world must constantly be developed with the aim of making it as soft and light as possible. It should never cause discomfort to the wearers because it can have a negative impact on the performance of the people. Another crucial thing to be kept in mind is that the body armor should be capable of exactly fitting your desire. It should not be too loose or tight that it makes you feel choked. There are two categories of body armor, namely soft and hard. The soft body armor will always consist of soft fibers, while the hard body armor might be made up of ceramic or metal plates. 

However, one must never forget that despite using all the tricks and cleaning the body armor, it might still not perform in the best way. There are various considerations that you might notice so that you can replace the body armor at the right time. Body armor must be replaced after it has been badly affected and doesn’t give you the highest level of protection. So, here are some considerations that suggest the need to replace the body armor:

Replace after it has been shot: It is obvious that your body armor won’t be able to provide you the utmost protection after a bullet has attacked it. If the bulletproof vests are made up of rigid metal plates, you can use them after they have been shot many times, as it still proves effective. With every shot, the material of your bulletproof vest will degrade and have a terrible impact on the useful life of the body armor. Because the armor deforms, you must replace it at the right time. Once the armor has been shot, you might not even feel very comfortable wearing the same body armor. 

Replace if dropped: We all might think that body armor is made up of enormous material and that it can be broken if dropped. The critical point to remember here is that the body armor’s dropping solely depends on the materials used in its manufacturing. In the case of ceramic plates, one can find it very difficult to depict the cracks. So, this is why changing the body armor is the only solution. 

Don’t use it after it has expired: When buying body armor, you should make it a point to see the expiration date of the body armor. If you carefully review the materials used in manufacturing the body armor, you will also be able to evaluate the shelf life. If the body armor has to be replaced after it expires, you can always go with some cheap materials. Nobody would like to spend a lot of amounts if the armor has to be replaced every five years. 

When it has been exposed to light: Because the body armor has been worn for a long time under the sun’s rays, it might damage easily. When UV rays hit the body armor, the compounds of body armor may break down quickly, leading to the degradation of the body armor. Constant light can suggest the breakdown of the chemical compounds. 



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