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What types of surgeries does the Da Vinci Robot do?

The da Vinci system of surgery offers surgeons a wide range of instruments to be used in carrying out robot-assisted minimally invasive procedures. Usually, the ‘robotic’ term is pretty misleading. Robots are not the ones to do the surgery. The surgeons perform the surgery using the da Vinci system that has instruments to be guided by a console.

This system is used to translate the hand movements of the surgeon in real time at the console, rotating and bending the instruments at the time of performing the procedure.

So, how exactly does the da Vinci procedure help the surgeons? What are the common types of surgeries done by the da Vinci robot? Read on to know more about this.

The da Vinci robotic procedures to help the surgeons

Doctors tend to use different technologies that improve their capacities beyond the abilities of the human body. For instance, CT scanners and MRIs let doctors see clearly inside the organs. In the same way, several surgeons use the robotic da Vinci surgery because it expands the abilities of their hands and eyes.

So, the surgeon enters the operating room and sits at the da Vinci console system. This console gets the surgeon complete control of all the instruments used by him to perform the surgery. Now, this robotic system offers 3D HD views to let the surgeon have a clear view of the entire surgical area. The surgical area gets magnified ten times to what the eyes see.

Then, the surgeon utilizes small instruments whose movements are like the human hand, but with a wider range of motion. The inbuilt tremor filtration tech in the system helps the surgeon to move every instrument with the highest precision.

Types of surgeries done by the da Vinci robot

The da Vinci robotic surgery is cleared by all the regulatory agencies for use in various kinds of surgery. Some of the surgeries where the robot is commonly used are:

  • Cardiac surgery: For heart conditions where minimally invasive and appropriate surgeries are an option
  • Colorectal surgery: Various robot-assisted procedures for the patients with colon or rectal conditions
  • General surgery: General surgeries by the robot covers a wide range of procedures, such as inguinal hernia repair, gallbladder surgery, bariatric surgery, and ventral hernia repair.
  • Gynecology surgery: For the minimally invasive hysterectomy for cancer or benign hysterectomy
  • Head & neck surgery: Through the mouth (transoral) robotic surgery might be the option for throat and mouth surgery.
  • Thoracic (chest) surgery: When surgery is the option for a condition like lung cancer, doctors might go for minimally invasive procedures like da Vinci.
  • Urology surgery: Doctors might suggest the da Vinci robotic surgery for urological procedures involving the kidney or prostate.

The endnote

Hopefully, the da Vinci surgery will be more advanced and sophisticated in the years to come. It will gradually be applicable to a wider range of surgical procedures and be adopted by more hospitals across the country. After all, it ensures the one thing that’s the most important in a surgery – precision.



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