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What Things Do You Use Daily That Use AI Solutions

Until a few decades ago, the concept of artificial intelligence or super-intelligent beings seemed only like the work of science fiction in movies. Now, AI solutions are used everywhere; in every industry, business, and walk of life. They assist in adding value and equity to the brands while getting rid of redundant and repetitive processes. Many new industries, startups, and businesses are stepping up their game due to the burgeoning benefits of AI solutions in everyday life.  

Out of the naivete of our perspective, little did we imagine being a part of it too. Whenever we heard about artificial intelligence or machine learning, we assumed it had nothing to do with us. You imagined it a thing for odd folks, data scientists, engineers, or just movies. Surprisingly, as customers, users, or laymen, we use AI services from morning to night. In this blog, we shall discuss how and what AI solutions we use daily in our lives.  

Social Media 

What do you do after waking up in the morning or before going to bed? You unlock your phone and check your social media. You flip through your feed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., to get the latest updates from around the world. So, who do you think is working behind screens to give you all that information and news from around the globe? Artificial intelligence works behind your computer and mobile screens to personalize your content feed. It shows relevant posts, friends you may know, pages you may like, etc., based on your history and what you like and search for. It filters out fake news or anything you dislike, report, or block. Machine learning algorithms are active behind the screens, enabling a high-quality customer experience.   

Google Search 

The most fundamental application of artificial intelligence and machine learning that even a non-social media user would know of is Google Search. Every person uses Google to look for things. It is the go-to search engine for every type of content. Search options are limitless on Google. It is the hub of information. But what makes Google Search so robust and accurate for the whole web? AI solutions work day and night to facilitate users looking for things online. When you search for something on any search engine online, you use the power of artificial intelligence in the true sense. 

Moreover, Google also launched some new features with the help of AI elements to improve the SEO ranking of websites. It suggests a specific part of the article, pdf, video, or book based on your query and presents answers within seconds. Also, additional filters for advanced and smart searches help simplify and specify your query. You rarely jump to the second page of search results because AI refines the search so much that everything you need mostly comes up on the top.  

Voice Assistants 

The most startling and evident example of AI is digital/virtual/voice assistance. Virtual assistants or agents such as Siri, Alexa, etc., use ML and AI-based Voice User Interfaces (VUI) to answer your questions. The UVI processes decipher, and answers voice commands like a human. But AI also enables these systems to leverage large databases to answer customer queries instead of relying on voice commands. The software can parse thousands and millions of data lines in seconds to register the command and bring tailored responses. People are increasingly becoming dependent on voice searches because of the level of comfort and customer service. This technology is sweeping change and awareness in the users through smart searches, advanced features and protocols, and UVI.  

Unlock Phones with Face Recognition  

We, as users, are personally fans of these AI services. It is a fascinating, mind-boggling, and outright clever use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence uses biometrics functionality to unlock your devices. Apple’s face recognition service is so intelligent that the chances of fooling it are one in a million. No matter how many layers of makeup you wear, how tan you get, or wrinkly it can still detect your Face ID. It can see in 3D. It uses ML algorithms to scan your face and store the information. Therefore, it is not so easy to fool the computer. 

Apart from these uses, Netflix suggestions, spam blocking, smart emails, e-commerce, banking, and self-driven cars are examples of artificial intelligence in our daily lives.  


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