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What melody does this verse have a place with & Great

Online search engines

Before recommending the easiest methods, let’s start with the most common, which are online search engines for song lyrics. And it is that around the web there are thousands of services that offer a complete database of song lyrics. These websites have their own search engine, in which you can simply enter a phrase or part of the song and the search engine will return the songs that have the same lyrics.

Below we provide you with a list of services that allow you to find songs through the lyrics or some phrase of the same:


The operation of these sites is very similar. You only need to enter them and place the phrase or words of the song in the search box and press the corresponding button to go to the search results.

Methods to search for a song by the lyrics

Applications facilitate many of the activities we carry out on a daily basis, and something as unthinkable a few years ago as obtaining the title of a song by pressing a button, in just a few seconds, is now a reality that we can enjoy from any device. Do you know these ways to identify a song? Therefore, do not miss the easiest ways to find a song through part of its lyrics. Another way to search for the name of a song knowing its lyrics is to place the best lyrics website in the Google search engine, followed by the word“lyrics”.

For example, to find the song “La camas Negara” by the singer Juan’s, all you have to do is search: “And because I lost my calm I almost lost my bed lyrics”, without using the quotation marks.

You will see that Google will show you the results

This is a widely used method and has the best results due to Google’s powerful algorithm that matches song names, even with errors or differences from the original lyrics. Sound Hound is for those who love to remember the songs and their melody, but not the lyrics or the name of the song. This app has it all and you can see it now:

One of the peculiarities of Sound Hound compared to Shaba is that, in addition to  recognizing songs simply by detecting the sound , it is capable of recognizing them if we hum them ourselves .

When the application detects and identifies the song, it will show us the album to which it belongs; it will also give you a short summary of the artist’s biography or upcoming concerts.

Another of the peculiarities of Sound Hound is that it will show us the different versions that exist of the same song so that we can choose the one that we like the most.

This app is particularly useful for finding old songs with very little effort.

In summary, you are taking a long time to download it if you are looking for an entertaining, simple and, above all, very effective application.
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