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What makes AA Meetings so Very Successful? AA Meeting

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are all over the place. You can actually find an “AA meeting near me” in a jiffy! These basically support group meetings that help alcoholics steer clear of addiction urges and remain sober for a longer period of time. What makes these meetings work, however? What could be the core reasons for success? How do members connect to these meetings after all? Answers to all these queries have to be sought! 

Ease of Access is a Key Reason for Success 

Accessing AA gatherings is easy for very many reasons including:

  1. Joining is free. You need not pay up any amount for being able to join AA meetings that happen near you. 
  2. Accessing a meeting close to you is easy too. There are meetings happening all the time. You simply need to hop step and jump and attend a meeting of your liking. 
  3. There are no primary prerequisites for being part of AA meetings. You can be anyone from anywhere as long as you are willing to invest time and energies in these sessions, aiming towards favorable scores on the sobriety calculator
  4. No religious affiliations are required for being part of AA gatherings. Although religious pre-requisites were mandatory at the outset, now, AA meetings have transformed into secular congregations. Therefore, what religion you pursue is of no consequence whatsoever. 

Some Core Advantages of AA Meetings 

Before joining AA meetings, it is always a good idea to understand the benefits that lie in store. Some of the key ones include: 

  • When you take part in these gatherings, there is always a greater likelihood of staying sober for a longer period of time. 
  • You can avail of enhanced social functioning when you take part in these meetings and interact regularly with people who happen to sail on the same boat as you.
  • You can maintain improved self-efficacy without putting in much effort. 
  • You can avail of lower costs for healthcare. Joining AA meetings can prove to be a great way to keep addiction at bay. As a result, health problems stemming from chronic addiction are also easy to manage. 

AA meetings enjoy proven success rates. However, it is difficult to understand which part of the meeting connects to you. Some of the possible connections would include:

  • Meetings may help you in determining a purpose. 
  • They might also assist in developing a spiritual connection.
  • They help in instilling confidence towards helping to maintain sobriety. 
  • They help in connecting with people who have been successful in maintaining sobriety. 
  • The act of helping others is a motivation in itself. 
  • AA gatherings are the best places to learn coping skills and skills that help in preventing relapses. 
  • It is an ideal platform for encouraging people towards seeking addiction treatments for licensed recovery specialists. 

AA meetings prove to be an ideal support system for those spending time in halfway homes. Halfway home schedules encourage attending gatherings that support sobriety. In fact, many homes make it mandatory owing to the comprehensive benefits they provide. Joining an AA meeting in North Carolina not only helps in combatting alcohol addiction but also assists in character building to a large extent. 




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