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What Is The Need For A 2-Page Resume?

If you’re someone who has experienced the highs and lows of job hunting, you’ve definitely had experience with building your own resume. While we are making it, we’ve always stumbled upon the dilemma of how long should a resume be. Worry not, as we have an appropriate answer to this question. While a lot of sources, including the most viable online free resume builder or online resume maker, may tell you that a perfectly balanced resume requires only a single page of information. 

However, if you have a lot of experience, your resume should be two pages long. In fact, it is valid to do so. It is absolutely alright for your resume to be 2-pages, provided you have the relevant details required for it to cover the space of those pages. In this article, we will discuss the appropriateness of a 2-page resume and when actually to make use of it, taking into consideration your field of expertise. Let’s get into it. 

When Is It Appropriate To Use A 2-Page Resume? 

While a one-page resume tends to be concise and cohesive, certain professions may require a resume that goes well beyond the conventional one-page resolution. Although widely accepted and followed, it is not a rule to follow a 1-page format when you’re building your resume. 

Nowadays, the majority of significant businesses perform their initial resume screening using automated applicant tracking systems. You can repeat various industry-specific keywords that these systems value on a two-page resume. Hence, a 2-Page resume is of great significance. 

Following are the instances where your 2-page resume is deemed accepted:

  • When Applying For Senior-Level Positions

The majority of businesses that are looking to fill senior management jobs anticipate receiving two to three-page resumes that give a thorough history of the executive candidate’s leadership responsibilities, and achievements. 

  • When Applying For A Government Job

For government jobs, resumes must still include extensive information about a candidate’s prior employment. Few resumes for these jobs are shorter than two pages, and the majority call for three or four. Hence, a 2-page resume becomes of much importance. 

  • When you possess a wide range of technological know-how or credentials

Employers may be interested in looking over a list of your professional credentials, technical skills, significant projects, and publications if you work in particular fields, such as IT, academics, or research.

  • When You Possess A Significant Amount Of Relevant Job Experience

Use a two-page resume if you have at least 10 years of job experience in your field across several employers, or if you have a track record of advancement, achievements, and professional success.

A two-page resume may be necessary for certain professions, such as the following: 

  • Office Manager 
  • Accountant
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Executive Manager
  • Manager of Business Analysis
  • Manager of Marketing 

To guide you through the world of a 2-page resume, we will provide a format for such a resume style. Certain online free resume builders would help you design a 2-page resume, as well. However, knowing the rough outline for the format would be easier and cheaper. 

2-page Resume Format

  • Include Contact Details In Page One Header

Similar to a standard one-page resume, the first page’s header should include all of your contact information. Your complete name, contact information, mailing address, email address, and, if you have one, a link to your website or portfolio should be included.

  • Key Information Should Also Be On Page One 

You may start off with a resume summary, which highlights your accolades and accomplishments. Additionally, a resume summary also highlights the applicant’s abilities and accomplishments while providing a succinct, well-informed description of their prior employment. 

  • Provide A Separate Header For Page Two

The second page of your 2-page resume should also have a header. Once again, you’re required to include your entire name, contact information (phone, email), and the phrase “Page Two” to indicate that this is a section of your resume. 

  • Include Further Details On The Second Page Of Your Resume

The fact that you’re working on a 2-Page Resume is in reference to how you have relevant and enough information to provide. Hence, it’s likely that you have enough work experience to write about. Along with your qualifications or certificates section, you might decide to place your educational background on the second page of your resume. You can choose to fill the second page with your extracurricular and voluntary activities. 

Student Resume: Is A 2-Page Resume Required? 

Your greatest option if you’re a student or perhaps, an entry-level applicant is to use a one-page resume. Sticking to a one-page resume is an assurance of cohesion. You don’t have any requirements or obligations to fill up your resume with unnecessary details, especially if they don’t cater to the job’s needs. A student is barely in possession of any work experience. 

Hence, as mentioned prior, a 2-page resume should only be restricted to people who don’t have, at the very least, 10 years of experience. Even if you, as a student, had several internships or part-time jobs, as well as accomplishments and awards, it would take a lot of filler to go over one page. Therefore, sticking to the conventional 1-Page resume should be the norm if you’re a student or an entry-level applicant.  


Once again, it is important to remind ourselves that a one-page resume usually gets the work done. As mentioned in the article, people with experience worth 10 years or more should be the ones to opt for a 2-page resume. There are even instances where people having that level of expertise stick to a 1-page resume. 

It is important to acknowledge and realize that a resume requires, and prioritizing the most crucial details first and foremost. Hence, be sure to not include any unnecessary filler or blabber in your resume, as you wish to exude professionalism, not bluff. And if anything, do not opt for a 2-page resume if you do not have enough vital and crucial career information that requires space on your resume.



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