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What is the difference between having a fetish and having a type?

Have you ever stopped at any point just to wonder if you have a preference or a fetish? It is no news that several individuals have fetishes ranging from the simple to the weird and extreme ones. Nonetheless, there are several individuals that have their preferences and types. So, you could have a thing for Asian women, such that over the years, it becomes your thing and as time goes on, it becomes your kink, a fetish. With this, the concept of having a type and a fetish is explained without complications. 

What are those factors that influence our preference? Why are people coming up with the word “type” when they still have to highlight some salient characteristics the “type” needs to have before it could be considered as a preference? All of these questions are some of the important questions that need to be answered if the topic of preference and fetish would be explained in simple terms. One of the few ways to understand the core difference between having a type and a fetish is when you consume porn videos on reputable porn sites. There are more than a hundred videos scattered over the adult entertainment industry that could help you understand the difference between having a type and having a fetish. 

Here are a few differences between having a type and having a fetish

  • Perspectives are much apart:

The concept of fetish is more generalized because its definition is easy to grasp. When you hear fetish, what comes to mind is foot fetish and it is tagged as an extreme obsession with a person’s fit irrespective of race, colour or body size. So, you are first attracted to the feature, without considering the person. However, when it comes to preferences, the person will tell if you’ll be attracted to the feature. So, it’s possible that you are just attracted to someone based on their hair type or their intonation, that’s preference. 

  • Fetish runs deeper:

When carefully studied, your fetish encompasses even your preference. So, while you’ve chosen a partner based on your preference, over time, you begin to develop some certain excessively sexual desire for some part of them, maybe their feet for example. So, this is to explain that in fetish lies an upcoming preference and the more you explore with your partner, the more you begin to understand them better. 

  • Emotions differ:

Comparing both schools of thought, it’s easier to understand that your preference can be induced by a whole lot of qualities. However, your fetish would still take more time and continuous effort to keep exploring. The more you explore your sexuality, the more you understand your fetish; however, you don’t need to explore your sexuality before you have a type. 



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