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What is the best float for my little one Best Baby Floats

In Spain every year we suffer the loss of 20-30 children due to drowning. And more than 5,000 children die by drowning across Europe.

When we think of going to the beach or the pool with our little ones, we regularly think of: a swimsuit, sunscreen, a toy and an occasional inflatable… but we rarely think of a life jacket. Life jackets will not only make our little one feel safe around and in the water, but also ourselves.The Konfidence lifejacket is already a favorite among swimming families, teachers and schools in more than 25 countries around the world. It is one of the beach and pool items that we think about the least but we consider that it should be on the list of essentials when planning vacations. The Original Konfidence lifejacket is the first vest that incorporates adjustable buoyancy systems, which you can remove or put on as your little one gains more confidence in the water.

Why choose an Original Konfidence vest?

The main objective of our vests is to help children from 18 months to approximately 5 years of age to swim with confidence and safety. The British designed vest incorporates an easy to use system consisting of 8 removable mini floats, which you can put on or take off at your convenience. The most important thing about these mini floats is that they are placed around your little one’s torso and always below the recommended water level, which allows correct buoyancy.

The lifejacket for children provides the stability and….best baby float confidence that your little one needs to feel free in the water; and most importantly… it allows you free movement of your arms which will allow you to practice the necessary swimming or arm movements.

Another detail to highlight, apart from the fact that the vest is made with premium materials and high-quality neoprene, is its innovative high-visibility system on the back. The back of the vest is famous for being a super bright yellow color which allows you to easily find your little one on busy beaches and pools.

In addition, the life jacket provides 100% UV protection in the parts that cover your little one’s body.Although the lifejacket has been designed mainly for the use and enjoyment of your little one, we consider it very important to emphasize the level of safety and peace of mind that it will bring to you as a mom or dad. Your little one will not be able to take it off as easily as the float or the inflatable sleeves.But… my son knows how to swim!

Another mistake that parents make is to think that because our little one has attended swimming lessons or knows how to swim, he does not need a vest. First and foremost, any child who knows how to swim or not must be under the supervision of a responsible adult while in the water. Even when supervised, this will not guarantee that your little one is 100% safe, especially on vacation or on crowded beaches and/or pools.

Most children love to play in or on the shore of the beach or pool for hours, but they get tired… the vest gives them extra buoyancy in case they fall into the pool, for example, or get carried away by the wind. current on the beach, while an adult has time to come to their rescue.

But if it was only a second! It is an unfortunate phrase that is repeated summer after summer on Spanish beaches and swimming pools. The buoyancy provided by a vest like Mundo Petit’s is of vital importance in those “seconds”…especially if you are supervising more than one minor.

The striking back is also a big plus when it comes to locating your little one more easily.homeBuying guidesThe 5 Best Baby Floats

Swimming in pools or on the beach is one of the most advantageous..14gears activities for babies and very young children, as it helps them develop motor skills, entertains them and familiarizes them with the water from an early age. In fact, the best baby float can give baby boys or girls all of these possibilities while mom and dad take care of them.

The truth is that good quality floats offer great comfort and fun, but also a high level of safety, since they can be anti-tip to avoid tipping over and causing accidents, come with an umbrella to protect your delicate skin from hot UV rays summer or even have a harness to add an extra level of protection.However, you must never forget that, although these inflatable floats are really safe, you need to always be aware of your baby, never leave him alone and take care of him while he is in the water. Remember that they are so small that they will not be able to defend themselves if something happens to them.

If your child is a baby of about 12 months or older or is already older.. Benefits of Custom Cigar Boxes for your business Promotion and is a couple of years old, buying a float so that he learns to swim and interact in the water is one of the best investments you can make.So that you can buy the ideal model and both your baby and you and your partner can be happy with the purchase, we have prepared this comparative list with the 5 best products on the market based on the comfort and safety they offer, as well as the fun and overall protection.

The idea is that you take a look at all the models, compare their features with each other and be able to clearly decide which one is best for your baby. In turn, later we will also explain what a baby float for a bathtub or pool should have in order to be considered of good quality. We will also help you to know which one is the best.



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