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What Is The Average Electricity Bill For A 3-Bedroom House in the UK?

If you are trying to understand the average cost of electricity and gas bills, then it is best to consider a household with no more than 2 or 3 people.

This means, consider a household in which there are 3 bedrooms, and in that case, you can find out the average energy bill on the house.

However, it is important to factor in how much electricity is consumed by each individual and what activities they perform.

Moreover, the figure depends on the following things as well:

•       Location of the house

•       If you are on a standard variable or not

•       The energy provider that you use

•       If your electricity is used as the primary source of heating or not

•       Fluctuations in the energy sector

•       Usage of high-power-consuming electrical instruments or devices.

Yearly estimated electricity bill (based on region)

If you consider a 3 bedroom household, and if the house is in a moderate residential category, then one can calculate that it typically uses 3100 kWh electricity per year.

Moreover, the additional electricity consumed and standing charge every day is payable with the bill as well, so that should be considered, as standing charges vary according to the location of the house.

If you want to find out what is an average households energy usage, make sure you find out as much information as possible and consider the basic needs and activities that consume energy.

3 bedroom electricity usage

If you consider the consumption, on average, of the houses in the UK, then you can find out that in general, around 250kWh is being consumed every month. Yearly, an average of 3000 kWh is being consumed by a household with 3 bedrooms.

Obviously, one has to divide this into the six main energy suppliers. Hence, it can be calculated that, on average, the electricity bill might be over 42 pounds every month. On top of this, the standing charge needs to be added, which can be 85 pounds.

If the overall electricity bill calculated is around 50 pounds every month, then this is the average bill of electricity by an average 3 bedroom household. However, make sure you consider the fact that this varies according to the regions and many other factors as well.

There are some regions in which households might consume above the average amount of electricity, but they still might get a lower electricity bill.

However, in most regions, the electricity bill is affected by many minor changes in activities.

High electricity bill in a 3 bedroom house

Obviously, one might get frustrated by the high electricity bill in a 3 bedroom household. This is because there is more consumption of energy, and using 3 bedrooms typically means there are at least 4-5 people in the house. This will cause an increase in the bills.


In conclusion, it is important to note down that on average; the UK consists of many households that have 3 bedrooms. In that case, many families go through the same high electricity bills.

The bills tend to vary according to the region as well as the types of activities each family member does. Usage of high electricity-consuming appliances or using electricity as the primary source of heating or cooling can do the trick of increasing your overall energy bill.



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