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What is Parquetry & What are its Advantages in 2022?

Parquet flooring is a flooring option for industrial and commercial purposes. It gives the living space an elegant and cosy look. Parquet floors are durable and add value to the home interior. This wooden block flooring idea provides both decorative and functional benefits. Let us get an idea of parquet flooring before knowing about the benefits.

What Is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring in Dubai comprises floors made of wooden blocks arranged in a geometrical and repeating pattern. Small hardwood pieces or slats are combined together in angular orientation to add a modern touch to your offices, homes, and working places. Parquetry comprises layers of solid wood with wood veneer as the top layer.

The hardwood parquet floors come in the form of many small squares or rectangular-shaped tiles that have to be put together in a geometric pattern to form a complete floor. These floors are tough and have shiny furnished surfaces compared to the laminate flooring system.

Advantages of Using Parquetry

These wooden floors come in a vast variety of striking tones, interesting patterns, lavish textures, and modern designs to suit your living space decor. There are many benefits to using parquetry. Some of the benefits of using parquetry are mentioned below:

1. Add Glamour to Your Home With Parquet Floors

The wooden blocks that comprise parquetry are furnished or polished for a shiny appearance. It imparts brightness and sparkle to your home interior. It provides a sophisticated look that can be altered to match your interests.

Since the blocks are oriented to form a pattern on the floor, their unique and customised orientation leads to new and astonishing design formations. These up-to-date designs help to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your home interior.

2. Parquetry Provides An Ease of Installation

Parquet floors are quite easy to install, and the ease of installation depends on the type of floor you choose. Solid wood floors are installed with the help of professionals. Most companies, at present, provide these wooden blocks or tiles with an interlinking lock system that enables the owner to do self-installation of these floors.

Such interlocking floors require no glue or adhesive for installation. They are simply put together to complete a floor design. LVT floors are the simplest to install and are a do-it-yourself project.

3. Try Parquetry For Easy Maintenance

Cleaning these wooden floors is the easiest task. These floors require little to no maintenance because they have bright surfaces. Dust or dirt can be moved along using a mop. These floors are stain-resistant and don’t absorb odours easily. The gleaming appearance of these floors enhances the beauty of the home interior and makes it more appealing.

4. Parquet Floors Have Imperishable Properties

The wooden blocks manufactured from solid timber wood are durable and last for longer periods of time. It is the reason these floors are installed in areas with heavy foot traffic. These floors are made to withstand the wear and tear of daily foot traffic. These floors offer a longer lifespan, sometimes as much as fifteen years.

5. Cost-Effective Flooring System

This wooden flooring system is cheaper than the concrete or ceramic tile flooring system. Wooden floors are inexpensive and provide many benefits. The wood to make these parquet floors are made from plants like oak, walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany, and even some exotic plants. Parquet flooring can fit into almost any budget possibility because of a wide range of options.

6. Get Rid Of Allergens With Parquetry

People who get allergic reactions to dust particles should opt for this flooring option. It does not trap allergens like carpets or rugs. These floors have three layers to restrict wood movement and add strength to the floor structure. The top layer is specifically designed to bear the daily foot abuse and ensure a longer lifespan for these floors.

7. Choose Parquet Floors For Thermal Insulation

Parquet floors add warmth and character to your home’s interior. They are used for thermal insulation. It is because of the wood grains present in the different layers of parquet floors.

The EndNote!

Parquetry offers many benefits along with all the functional regularities of a floor. It is imperishable, budget-friendly, non-allergic, easy to maintain, and adds a touch of luxury and glamour to your home interior.

It allows for self-customization because of the distinct arrangement of wooden blocks. This wooden block floor can be your possible flooring option because it is accessible in a wide variety of striking hues, astonishing patterns, and unique designs.



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