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What is bulk URL opener? How it can make your browsing fast

You’ve probably ever been in a situation where multiple URLs must be opened simultaneously in different tabs using chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer or Firefox. What would you do? What do you do? Do you just open the files one at a time or copy them all into new tabs. There’s a better way.

Ethereal IT Solutions offers a free online tool called URL opener. This free tool can help you in opening multiple URLs at once.

What is a URL opening?

URL opener is an easy tool that allows SEO professionals, list builders, researchers, and others to bulk open URLs automatically. This increases productivity. The URL opener works by simply copying and pasting the URLs in the box below and hitting enter.

What can URL Opener do for you?

Multiple URL Opener tools like URL opener provided by Ethereal IT Solutions allow you to open multiple URLs simultaneously. All URLs can be manually entered or copied and pasted into the text box. Each URL will open in a separate tab with a single click.

How do you use URL Opener?

  1. Just copy (CTRL+C), and paste (CTRL+V), the URLs into the URL Opener text area. Each website URL or link must be placed on a separate line
  2. Click on the “Open URLs” button to process your result and web pages will immediately open in your web browser.
  3. All listed URLs open in different browser tabs. It is easy to use and completely free. It is not necessary to download it. You can access it online from any place with Internet access.

What are the most common uses of the URL opener?

A URL opener is not necessary. Anybody who is involved in technical, onsite, or off-site search engine optimization might need one. This tool is ideal for finding new outreach leads and locating broken links on target sites. It can also streamline your outreach efforts.

Here are some ways that different digital marketing professionals can use URL-openers:

  • SEO professionals – need to audit URLs and find bad links.
  • Backlink-building teams – have target lists with URLs that need to be pulled by contacts
  • Researchers who have listed web pages to decode

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A URL opener is a tool that allows you to open multiple tabs at once and saves you time. URL openers make it easier to do any work than opening many tabs in Chrome or another browser.


How can i open all URLs simultaneously?

It has never been easier than ever to open multiple URLs simultaneously. Just copy and paste the URL into the text box, and click on open URLs to instantly open the pages in your browser.

How can i open 2 links at once?

To drag the boxes around the links, right-click on them and hold the button down. All links will open in new tabs when you click the right button.

How can i open multiple URLs within chrome?

Bulk URL opener tools such as URL opener can be used. In just one click, these tools can open multiple URLs



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