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What Do We Polish Windows?

At Jacobsens Rengøring, we plaster all types of windows, on all floors and on all levels. Whether you live in a houseboat in christianshavn, have a shop on strøget or an apartment in the inner city, we can help you get clean windows. All you have to do is click on your windows when you go into click-a-price or describe them when you order a window cleaner over the phone.

If you have special wishes or there are special circumstances around the windows you need to have plastered, then it is just important that you inform us about it when you order a window cleaner. That way, we can be sure that we can offer you an optimal price for your window cleaning.

Service, service, service

A big part of our concept is to make sure we provide the best service. This applies both when you have to order, when you evaluate your offer and when our window cleaners meet you at your home or at your work. We believe that the most important thing besides a good window cleaning is that there is a good atmosphere and that we meet each other with a smile.

It therefore means a lot if you want to share your experience with mirror blank with us. So we can continue to improve and make sure that our service is top notch, and that every time we send one of our Vinduespudser out to a home in Copenhagen, he leaves it with clean windows and a good experience.

Professional window cleaners

All our window cleaners in Copenhagen have all the experience and expertise you could want from a window cleaner, and we are also proud to say that they are good people. When you see the result of our window cleaning you will understand that our window cleaners are skilled. For a skilled window cleaner, cleaning a window transforms from being a cumbersome task to being a breeze. It is important that the window cleaners that come out to our customers throughout Copenhagen are our ambassadors, and help to provide the experience that we stand for.

Good prices

We offer cheap prices on window cleaning throughout Copenhagen. In our perspective, window cleaning should be something that does not punch a hole in the bottom of the wallet. In return, we hope our customers will use us again the next time the windows need to be plastered.

You can easily get an offer on a window cleaning from Jacobsens Rengøring by using a click-a-price, which allows you to choose the windows you have in your apartment, as well as whether it should be cleaned both inside and out. Once you have added your windows, you will immediately receive a non-binding offer for a window cleaner for your home in Copenhagen.



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