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What are the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Aphasia?

Aphasia is a form of brain disorder wherein people may have trouble speaking or understanding the speech of others. It happens due to damage to the part of the brain responsible for helping us speak. In most cases, this disorder can be treated. Speech therapy is very beneficial for people who suffer from permanent Aphasia. ENT doctors in Mumbai or at other locations can treat this condition. They can also identify the causes and symptoms of Aphasia for comprehensive treatment. 

A Brief About Aphasia

Aphasia is a term used for people who have trouble understanding speech or speaking themselves. There are different forms of Aphasia. It indicates in which part of the brain you may have the damage that causes it. Generally, Aphasia also leads to problems like Traumatic Brain Injury or strokes. You can also have migraine attacks if you suffer from Aphasia temporarily. The best way to identify the symptoms would be to visit ENT doctors in Mumbai

There are primarily eight types of Aphasia. Each of them depends on distinctive factors like fluency, understanding, and repetition. Broca’s Aphasia, Wernicke’s Aphasia, Global Aphasia, and Conduction Aphasia are some of the main types. You may also learn about Anomic Aphasia, Mixed Transcortical Aphasia, Transcortical Motor Aphasia, and Transcortical Sensory Aphasia. 

Causes Of Aphasia

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Brain tumors
  • Brain surgery
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy
  • Migraines
  • Chemotherapy
  • Strokes
  • Cerebral Hypoxia
  • Concussion

Symptoms Of Aphasia

  • Sentences that hardly make sense.
  • Speak words that are difficult to recognise.
  • Speak in incomplete or short sentences.
  • Difficulty understanding and conversing with people.
  • Substituting one sound or word with one another. 

Treatment For Aphasia

Although there is no direct treatment for this brain disorder, it can be managed through proper medical advice. ENT doctors in Mumbai or at other locations can help by recommending speech therapy experts. They may also prescribe medications for your brain disorder as per the type of Aphasia you may have. The treatment will then be customised based on your condition. The underlying health conditions apart from Aphasia will also be taken into consideration. 

The recovery time from Aphasia may also differ from person to person. One must also consider the treatments that they are undergoing to get rid of this problem. However, if you think you wish to know more about it, scout for ENT doctors in Mumbai and seek their guidance. They can help you learn more about it.

Aphasia indicates a genuine health concern. Do not ignore it if you think you or someone around you may be suffering from it. Help them receive timely treatment and manage this disorder.



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