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What Are The Best Alkaline Water Brands?

Water is coined as the backbone of human life. The human body is mainly made up of 60 percent of water, and without fluids, the existence of a human being is possible for probably three to five days. The vitality of water can’t be overlooked because it has numerous functions to offer, including balancing temperature in the body, excreting out the waste from the body, and flow of nutrients in the body.  

Water being one of the most vital fluids to consume, its benefits would be more surprising if it contained calcium. Calcium commonly strengthens the bone, due to which the one problem would be ultimately sorted. Picking up high calcium mineral water brands would serve the purpose well. Because of its surprising features, its demand has soared dramatically in the market in the last five years. These days, people are more concerned about the fact that drinking clean and mineral-rich water is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. 

 Apart from this, the alkaline water in the market is being sold to slow the aging process and diminish the risk of chronic diseases. Generally, this water possesses a higher pH value than ordinary water, making it more alkaline to drink. Furthermore, alkaline water is rich in alkaline minerals, which act as an antioxidant. After being familiar with the perks of drinking alkaline water, it can be a daunting task to look for a reliable and well-certified brand that manufactures the best mineral alkaline water.

 After all, if you have made up your mind to include alkaline mineral water in your daily regimen, then luckily, here you can have a breath of idea about some of the best mineral alkaline water brands that you can make part of your lifestyle.  

Icelandic Glacial  

The market is packed with tons of alkaline water brands, but each product is not worth trying. So, here, the Icelandic alkaline water is at the top of the list, which naturally possesses the alkaline property, unlike other brands that process to make the water alkaline by different non-natural methods. It has a pH level of 8.4, well above the neutral. 

It certainly has a rejuvenating and fresh crisp taste that all the tasters can surely enjoy.    

Perfect Hydration 

The other brand on the list is Perfect Hydration, which is genuinely more affordable than most brands because most of the brands certainly charge an extra amount for their bottles. The pH level of these brands is more than startling, being 9.5 or higher. They do not add up any kinds of harmful preservatives and additives, such as chlorine, fluorine, or sodium. 

The filtration process includes nine stages, with added minerals and electrolytes. 


Compared with the rest of the alkaline water brands in the market, it is one of the most lavish options to consider, but it has a fresh taste with a high alkaline pH value of 8.8-9.1. other mineral water might come up with plastic packing, but Evamor mineral water packaging is entirely BPA-free, making them safe and healthy to drink.    





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