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What are some interesting facts about Athens?

Although Greece’s Athens is widely known as the birthplace of Western civilisation, it is an alluring destination to study for international students. Athens has significantly contributed to world history, architecture, literature, philosophy, art, and culture. This city has successfully developed over several years, contributing notably to the contemporary appreciation for Mathematics, Science, and Art.

Living in Athens offers an unmatchable experience for students to explore. This article will discuss some lesser-known facts about Athens that may encourage you to pursue higher education in this historic city.

Seven lesser-known facts about Athens

Here are the top seven exciting facts that best describe Athens:

  1. One of the oldest cities in the world

Based on archaeological evidence, Athens is among the oldest inhabited cities in the world. The Ancient History Encyclopedia states that the evidence of human habitation in the city can be traced back to 5,000 B.C.

  1. Birthplace of democracy

Athenians were the first to develop democracy. The first known democracy was designed around the fifth century B.C.E. However, the Athenian democracy was different from contemporary democracy as all adult citizens had to take an active part in the government.

  1. Birthplace of western philosophy

Athens is the cradle of Western civilisation and the eternal centre of philosophy. This city is also home to Plato’s Academy, Epicure’s Garden, and Aristotle’s Lyceum. It was also a centre for arts, learning, and philosophy.

  1. Must-see attractions

Athens is a hub of the most iconic landmarks. The three must-see attractions that draw millions of tourists annually include the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

  1. Birthplace of Olympic games

The first recorded Olympic Games took place in Olympia around 3,000 years ago. Since then Olympic Games have been organised every four years. However, the ancient Olympic Games never happened in Athens.

  1. Marathon was named after a long run

You must have heard about the marathon, but very few know that a long run inspires it. The credit for the marathon goes to a Greek soldier Pheidippides, who ran from Marathon to Athens in 490 B.C.

  1. Athens recorded the highest temperature ever in Europe

The hottest temperature ever recorded was in Europe’s Athens. Athens’ temperature reached 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking all records.

Now that you have explored some lesser-known facts about Athens, you must also know why this oldest city appeals to many international students.

Why should you study in Athens?

Athens combines enchanting places, rich history, towering mountains, delicious cuisines, and vibrant culture. Besides, the city offers affordable housing and food to international students. International students in Athens will have to spend EUR 250 – EUR 1105 per month, depending on the accommodation type. Plus, they need to pay only EUR 150 per month for essential utilities like electricity, gas, and water.

In addition, this historic city is home to many reputable universities that offer various traditional as well as trending degree programmes at affordable course prices. So, apply for the course and get a chance to explore Athens!

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