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What a difference rubber tyres and pneumatic tyres make

Pneumatic tires on tricycles for twins and toddlers have a similar design to a conventional bicycle tire. They have a more or less strong profile, are filled with air via a valve and charmingly cushion rebounds on impassable paths.

In addition, there are models with rubber tires, rc cars under $200 which are also quite well profiled and at the same time offer some damping of recoils. In addition, some manufacturers offer models with plastic tires, which are usually advertised as particularly easy to clean. The big disadvantage of hard plastic: The wheels make great noise on paving stones and asphalt and transmit every shock unsprung to the sensitive children’s body.

The advantages and disadvantages of rubber and pneumatic tires compared to plastic tires:


  • Absorb shocks
  • Good grip due to profile
  • Better power transmission on different floors
  • Pleasantly quiet on asphalt and stone


  • Pneumatic tires can become flattened
  • Shards and stones can lead to holes

Tricycle tests: Why we prefer tricycles to wheels

You have probably already heard of so-called wheels, which are advertised as balance bikes. In fact, the two-wheeled vehicles without pedals can charmingly promote the sense of balance, but they usually lack control due to the lack of a handlebar.

In addition, even very small children can reach high speeds and tip over at any time – because training wheels or the construction method with three wheels is not provided for here.

Helmet and harness are indispensable as accessories

Probably the most important accessory for a tricycle is the crash helmet, which the child should wear on his head when riding. Because if your offspring rushes unfavorably over a stone or a large branch in a park, even a tricycle can fall over and the risk of a head injury cannot be dismissed out of hand. In the event of a fall, the child could also bump his head against the handlebars or pedals and injure himself.

In many cases, tricycles with belts are also offered, whereby the age of the child plays an important role in our opinion. If you mainly push your baby and only occasionally first driving attempts are made, then putting on the seat belt is an advantage for safety.

If, on the other hand, best rc car crushes the children are significantly older, now run and drive very safely, then a seat belt can be a hindrance. Because of the fixed connection of child and tricycle, your child can fall over – this does not necessarily promote the movement sequence. Because falls are part of growing up and the children learn how to jump off early, support themselves with their hands and thus avoid pain.

Cute, but not absolutely necessary, is a bell on the tricycle. If a bell is available, however, you can also prepare for a long-lasting concert. Since toddlers, unlike cycling, do not yet participate independently in road traffic, this is a nice, but not absolutely necessary accessory on the tricycle.



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