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Webtoon – The new form for webtoon graphic statement

Defining terminology is always delicate, and is true of many forms of graphic narrative. Color shapes and a variety of materials make orders temporary, and the use of terminology changes over time. “Web comics” usually means comics published on a website. But more strictly, it refers to comics that have been published and released exclusively on computer platforms.

The term “web comics” is often used interchangeably with terms such as “digital comics”, “online comics” and “internet comics”, although “digital comics” is sometimes used as a marquee term. Which refers to all the different forms digitally produced and distributed. Including CD-ROM comics and mobile comics. Scott McCloud, philosopher and creator of Web Comics, emphasizes the importance of digital creation.

When a creator deliberately ventures out to create work for a digital platform – how the effects on digital distribution and circulation equipment change. He uses the term “horizontal oil” to describe the almost never-ending runner of web comics (or digital comics) as opposed to the print runner of Reinventing Comics 222.

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McCloud’s claim about the almost never-ending runner of web comics can be questioned, however, because it, despite its abstract situation, does not provide practical horizontal oil. For the case, the size and shape of the screen limits the way in which a creator creates humorous panels and the way anthology accesses them.

Nevertheless, as I describe in detail below, web comics is constantly evolving, in a process that challenges its own boundaries and incorporates not only new cultural forms but also new artistic methods. Includes, such as different types of distribution and use, transmedial creation, and anthology-pen relations.

In this composition, I explore the differences between print comics and Korean web comics, or web tones, and the items and counter-accusations that create these differences as a new medium in terms of the aesthetics of web comics, and Also, a Korean web comics site is banned by a relative. point of view. I follow two general rules. First of all, “webtoon” is not a generic term like “webcomics”, nor is it the kidney of comics.

Rather, WebToon is a complex system made up of a unique combination of two media (comics and digital) – one that integrates into the form and aesthetics of comics, product processes, and reading practice, interconnected. Has brought a distinct set of changes, and authorship and reader generalities and boundaries, distribution, and consumption of artistic capital. Second, this web graphic narrative, specifically designed to use some of the events presented by digital platforms in Korea, is a new form of mass media linked to numerous media technologies and modern mass media. ۔

What is Webtoon XYZ Apk? WebToon is a combination of web and cartoon, and was pursued in Korea for web comics. At first, several different terms were used to describe these digital comics published on websites in Korea. An example is Webmack (emulation of “web” and “comics”), which soon lost its web tone (emulation of “web” and “cartoon”; song USP 123). In 2000, a Korean web portal, managed by Ch’ŏllian.

Created a new point for Internet comics called “Webtoon”. But much of the humor that appears at this point follows traditional print formats. He continued to use the runner layout developed on published runners. Webtoon was also used to relate to Flash Vitality, but its meaning soon faded (Pak Sehwan 128). Long Web Tone was preceded by the standard term for comics, which was created and used for the Internet in Korea.

Among the many differences between print and web comics, the most important is the vertical layout of web tones. Before the rise of WebTunes, Comics Generators, which published their workshops on Internet Gate Spots such as N4 and Comics Moment (K’omiksŭ t’udei) in 1999-2000, created vertical runners that explored the geography of computer screens. Were made according to the layout, or it showed half the runners of the traditional comic format at a time (Pak Anha 69-70).

Once the vertical layout appeared, it was easily rendered by many artists and now the web tone format has been mastered. The first Korean web comic to use this new format was Sim Sŭnghyŏn’s Pape and Popo’s Memories, which was re-released in 2002 on the Korean web gate, Daum, a group blog runner (Pak Inha 68). It used a vertical layout, and the compendium could use the scroll wheel on the mouse to read it. The funny thing that introduced the fashionability of this vertical layout format was Sunjŏng manhwa (a funny comedy of love), created by a well-known web tone artist, Kang Pool, and in the future, Daum Portal in 2003.



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