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Want Product Photography in NYC? Your Photographer Requires These Skills

Are you seeking a product photographer who can capture quick and high-quality photographs? Then continue reading because it’s not as simple as you might assume. What attributes should professional product photography in NYC have in terms of a photographer’s experience?

To have professional clicks, your photographer must have these categories’ key characteristics. 

Expertise and professional background make the majority of these skills clear.

Skill 1: Tabletop Product Photography 

A product photographer’s familiarity with tabletop product photography is the greatest place to start when hiring product photography services. The majority of photographers will claim to have taken products on tables for photography. If you dig a little further, you can discover that this encounter was simply some jewelry products photographed.

You surely need a product photographer with extensive experience if its products come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and features. By working on multiple tabletop product photography projects, one gradually develops these abilities.

A good hiring tip is to find a product photographer who has expertise in dealing with a variety of different product categories. The broader their experience, the better.

Skill 2: Familiar with Products Lighting

The photographer’s lighting expertise has a significant impact on image quality and production.

The size, shape, color, reflectivity, and other characteristics of various objects can all be swiftly adjusted by a skilled product photographer. On the other hand, photographers who have little expertise with tabletop lighting will take significantly longer to perfect their lighting and tend to make more lighting modifications from product to product. 

Hiring Tip: Select a professional photographer in NYC who has a strong background in lighting a range of products in a tabletop photography setting.

Skill 3: Does a Pro Photography

Production photography is not always used in product photography in NYC. Getting each shot just right will probably take a lot of time if you are photographing expensive timepieces for print. This is not commercial photography. In contrast, production photography involves taking hundreds of pictures per day of thousands of products, each of which needs many pictures.

The ability to balance production with image quality is the main skill to seek in a photographer. The ability to recognize when an image is “excellent” but not “great” will be crucial. 99.9% of people won’t be able to tell the difference between a perfect and good photograph, yet creating a flawless image can take 50% longer. Making good, not flawless, photos is the goal of production product photography. 

Hire a product photographer who has a track record of producing high-quality photographs rapidly rather than one who is a perfectionist. Hence, the product photography rates vary as it depends on the expertise of the photographer and what your expectations are! 

Skill 4: Know the Editing of Product Images 

The majority of photographers have considerable knowledge of picture editing techniques and are proficient or advanced users of Photoshop and Lightroom.

The picture editing crew, rather than the photographer, is typically in charge of this task in high-volume product photography assignments. However, it is crucial that the photographer comprehends the image-editing process and takes pictures with image-editing in mind. 

For instance, changing the lighting and camera exposure can result in a background-free photograph that is easier to edit. 

You will adore amazing product photography in NYC if your photographer possesses the above skills! 



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