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UV Printing Offers a Variety of Advantages service

Even though there are several printing technologies available UV printer pakistan, only a few can compete with ultraviolet printing in terms of time to market, environmental effect, and color quality.

UV printing is something we simply like. It cures rapidly, is of great quality, lasts for a long time, and is adaptable in application. Even though there are several UV printer pakistan technologies available, only a few can compete with ultraviolet printing in terms of time to market, environmental effect, and colour quality.


When compared to standard print technologies, UV printing makes use of a different type of ink. UV printing, rather than using liquid ink, makes use of a dual-state material that remains liquid until it is subjected to ultraviolet light. When ink is exposed to light during the printing process. It cures and dries beneath the fluorescent lights of the printing press.


Because evaporation is minimise when compared to other inks. There are much fewer emissions of volatile organic compounds into the environment while using this ink.

UV printing, as opposed to evaporation, cures the ink through the application of a photomechanical procedure.

In the event of a time-sensitive job, step two is to, Because there is no evaporation process to wait for. UV inks do not require the downtime that other inks do when drying, allowing for faster drying times. This can save you time and allow you to get your products to market much more quickly.

If you’re looking for a specific look, check out this post.

Ultraviolet printing is particularly well suite for undertakings that require one of two appearances:

A clean, crisp appearance on uncoated stock or on uncoated cardstock.  On coated stock, a satin finish is use. Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of creating different looks. Consult with your printing representative to establish whether ultraviolet (UV) printing is an option for your project.

In cases when smudging or abrasion is an issue, consider the following:

The fact that UV printer pakistan dries instantly means that no matter how soon you need the item in your hands. The work will not be smudged, and a UV coating can be applies to protect it from abrasion. If you are printing on non-porous substrates or plastic substrates, you should use a non-porous ink.

UV inks have the unique ability to dry directly on the surface of the materials they are print on. UV printing allows you to print on materials that would be impossible to print on with standard inks. Since the ink solvent does not need to soak into the substrate.


The UV coatings available from One Touch Point, in addition to the UV inks Sublimation printer in pakistan. Provide a high-gloss, wet-look finish while retaining color clarity and brightness over long periods of time.

Protecting projects from abrasion and maintaining color quality. Over lengthy periods of time and exposure is the goal of UV coatings.

If you require assistance in determining the most effective print strategy for your campaign Please contact us immediately or request a quote on your next project. Insight and ideas will be provided by our professionals in order to offer great results at an affordable price.



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