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Use of Camera in the Online Class-Do’s and Don’ts

Since the covid-19 pandemic, the use of online classes has rapidly increased. While technology helps us in many ways, it is crucial to understand its use to avoid any mishandling of it. Similarly, in online classes, camera use has become important and many students are found to be mishandling it. Many students have offended their teachers by not using the cameras carefully and responsibly.

Many students have tricked their teachers in different ways and bunked the classes while showing that they were online. You should keep in mind certain things while using cameras during an online class. For a better experience of online classes and to avoid any mishandling of it you need to understand the dos and don’ts of using a camera in an online class. Moreover, given the overwhelming pressure of online exams, we could help you by giving your online exam so if you want us to do Online Exam Help, we will be there to serve you.

What to Do and What to Avoid While Using a Camera in an Online Class

How you appear in an online class is as important as appearing in a real class. You should demonstrate the same behavior virtually as you do in a real class. Also, switching on the camera means you respect your teacher and are eager to listen properly. Although it is important to switch on the camera, make sure you do not create a distraction for yourself or any other person online. You should keep certain things in your mind and follow them while you are in an online class. Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of it.

Do’s of Camera Use during Online Learning Classes

Check the Camera Beforehand

Check the camera if it is working, before appearing for an online class. Make sure the camera is working properly and position the frame appropriately. This can save you from trouble while giving you time to prepare for other things. Also, take permission from the teacher before opening a camera when it seems not necessary.

Adjust Camera Appropriately

Adjust the camera in a way in which it covers you from head to waist. Such a position is easier for the audience to look at and your hand gestures will also be visible to them. Also, make sure that you do not make too much movement as it can degrade the video quality. Keep your camera stagnant and avoid moving and pointing it here and there.

Use Lights In Front Of You

Use the lights in front of your head so that your face becomes visible and avoid using the lights behind you. Make sure the lights at your back are not as strong as the lights at your front so that your face is visible to the audience. This is also true for the natural light so pull the curtains or shut the blinds to stop light from entering the room.

Distraction Fewer Surroundings

Make sure the surroundings are suitable for the camera and choose a peaceful place. Remove any distractions such as noise, background sound or music, etc. Separate yourselves from kids, pets, or other people, and appear in a place where there is no interruption. 

Dress Decent

Most of the formal classes have a formal dress code so it is much preferable to wear formal or at least casual dress during an online class. Make sure the dresses are neat and decent for the class. Avoid shorts and sleeveless shirts. Also, Use a decent profile picture if the camera is not working.

Use an Appropriate Background

Make sure that the background is clean and clear. Better to use a book shelve or a clean wall as a background. Remove unnecessary stuff and keep what you need during the exam near you. Also, remove pictures that can offend people such as nudity. Keep a constant background and avoid changing it.

Don’ts of Camera Use during Online Learning Classes

Use of Filters

Avoid using filters or blurring the video. Using backgrounds or changing them during class can distract other people and make a bad impression. Some people have been using recorded videos and faking their presence during online classes. Such smartness should be rather shown in studies that will be fruitful. 

Sharing Screen and Inappropriate Content

Avoid sharing the screens with colleagues without taking permission from the teacher. Always share when the teacher asks for it or when it is really necessary. Sharing screens can distract colleagues and create a bad environment overall.  Similarly, do not share content that is inappropriate and unnecessary. Be relevant and only share what can benefit the class.

Making Inappropriate Hand Gestures

How you move tells a lot about you. So making inappropriate gestures during an online class not only offend people but also make a bad impression on you. Always be humble and polite and make sure to make only appropriate hand gestures.

Use of Social Media

Avoid the use of other websites or social media applications. Focus on what the teacher is saying and always be attentive to the teacher’s words. Do not listen to other videos while you are present in an online class. When you focus on something else it not only demotivates the teacher but also creates an unengaging and passive environment.


Most of us are not familiar with online classes as such so we take them lightly and treat them like a video call to a friend. However, we should note that an online class is just as important as a real class and we should be conscious of it. Similarly, we need to handle the camera carefully and responsibly. Adjust it appropriately in the right direction, dress formally, and always check if the camera and other accessories are working properly. Use a separate space to avoid distraction and avoid using inappropriate gestures. However, an online exam could be frustrating at times so if you need help giving Online Class Takers just let us know.



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