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Types of Kitchen cabinets

There are many types of kitchens cabinets including open, wooden, and closed. Open kitchen cabinets can be both freestanding or recessed. Wooden kitchen cabinets are typically found in traditional European styled homes and keeps the home look traditional while requiring less maintenance than the other cabinet types. Closed-in kitchen cabinets make kitchens more organized because they provide better storage space for dinnerware and cookware as well as tools such as measuring cups, whisks, spoons, and knives which helps prevent spills.


Open kitchen cabinet are cabinets that are freestanding and can be used in different rooms. They are usually made of wood and have the outside front and back walls exposed, while the inside back wall is enclosed by doors to contain the contents within. The most popular types of open kitchen cabinets include sliding cabinets, pull out shelves, and double hinged doors. The drawback of open kitchen cabinets is that they do not provide complete storage for cookware’s; however, if you have a large family, you might find this useful for storing microwaves or large ovens. Another drawback of open cabinets is that they may make your room cluttered due to the exposed front and back walls; this can be solved by installing doors on the front and back of the cabinets to close them completely.


Freestanding kitchen cabinets are wall mounted, do not require additional support such as wall brackets, and it can contain two or more cabinet doors. They are usually made up of wood through both insides and outsides with a hollow core usually filled with wire mesh which makes them sturdy. The two main types of freestanding cabinets are single door and double doors. choose Single door cabinet today, it’s the best for any modular kitchen.


Among the most popular design options are raised panel kitchen cabinets. These kitchen cabinet doors’ three-dimensional construction is timeless and visually appealing, and it blends nicely with any interior design theme. These cabinet doors’ central panel, which is slightly elevated, gives the design depth. This attractive cabinet style, which is most frequently found in classic homes, looks stunning in all possible colors and types of wood.


Anyone who wants to openly display their kitchenware should go for glass-front kitchen cupboards. Behind glass-front cabinets, you can put things like this safely on display while still keeping them out of harm’s way, whether you want to display special plates, crystal vases, or your assortment of foreign beer mugs. Glass-front cabinets offer more storage space than open shelves and will keep your belongings from gathering dust.

There were 4 basic types, make sure that you choose the martial perfectly. Also do consider the pros and cons which decide on factors like quality, durability, moisture resistance, thickness, capacity etc. Now, if you want to choose customised cabinets reach out to us.



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