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Top Things to Watch on YouTube TV

Today, the competition in the entertainment industry is so high that you just cannot pin down what to watch. You are stuck on a weekend with a list of TV series and movies and absolutely no idea of what to watch. It is jut two hours wasted on deciding and that it is time for everybody to go home. We see your problem.

Here, we have a list of things that you can watch on YouTube TV. So, the next time you are deciding on what to watch, you will be thankful for this blog. If you are deciding on YouTube TV and other platforms, you can get the YouTube TV 14 day trial to observe your experience before buying!


Empire focuses on family politics and trendy music that will keep your mind humming to the tunes. The Empire itself is a business company focusing on music and entertainment. The key is that the owner is facing an issue which demands him to be retired. The problem? You cannot leave a family business in the hands of a stranger. Now, the thing is that the family is there, ex-wife and three sons. But no decision about who is going to be the successor.

The Greatest Showman

The Greatest Showman is one of the most amazing musicals to come on TV. It follows the storyline of two different singers set on becoming the stars of the play. But they are surrounded with a seemingly odd but talented group of individuals who are equally passionate. The cinematic experience combined with the exquisite music will keep the catchy songs running in your thoughts and the sentimental memories glued to your heart.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

If you want a humorous side of Jumanji to capture your screens on amazon coupons code, watch this version of the movie. It showcases Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson in a goofy but amazing play that illuminates them in the best way. The movie is a cheerful addition to your weekend movie binges. And it will definitely bring a smile to your face. Maybe you will even reminisce the older version of the movie while you are watching this!

The Walking Dead

If you are a fan of zombies, this show will be more to your liking. Stretched onto eleven seasons, you will be spending time watching the show for a long time. Yes, you can guarantee a long binge! But don’t worry, the show catches on an interesting plot each season. The main idea is that there are a bunch of survivors living in the zombie apocalypse. They are trying to live in the zombie world, to save themselves and each other from different obstructions.


If you want to spend time watching a cinematic masterpiece, watch this movie! It has sentiment, curiosity, science, and fiction all mixed up in the best way! It helps you experience the prospect that time on Earth although limited, it may help in discovering other habitat options. The movie, itself, is an award winner and has bagged people’s hearts from the beginning. Ad well its ending! Even if you have watched it, the binging screens will let you watch it one more time!

American Horror Story

If you are looking out for a different thriller each day, go for this amazing TV series. It helps you discover free shipping kohls coupons the dark world with a different perspective in each episode. Hop on with different families and explore their story under a different light. This TV series is a hit amongst the crowd and a thrilling experience every day!


Riverdale is based on the Archie comic books. They are an interesting bunch of seasons that have kept the viewers glued to their screens. Yes, it is still running so you are in for the long haul. The story follows typical families except that everything they witness in their town is not normal. There is a murder in town and the investigation keeps everyone on the hook. It is a thriller drama, popular among the crowds.

Kobra Cai

As you grow up, you hit the nostalgic sack. Unless you see the past growing up with you! Similar is the situation with Kobra Cai. The main characters of the TV series are from the old rivalry in Karate Kid. You can dig in this action thriller to explore their stories now that they have grown up. You will experience a sentimental, action filled, romantic story throughout the seasons. Perfect for a memorable binging session.


This is our small list of TV shows and movies that can make your free time fun! You can explore more options on the platform because there are a bunch of options available. But then again you will eb stuck deciding. Hopefully, this list can prove to be a guide to you.



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