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Top 9 Print on Demand products to generate good Income

Print on Demand (POD) Products are becoming increasingly well-known. If you’re thinking of expanding into the market of print-on-demand you must know what products you should offer your clients.

Print-on-demand drop-shipping is a viable commercial selling model and is predicted to expand in the near future, according to Forbes. It basically means that if you understand how it works it is possible to begin selling popular print-on-demand items to expand your store, and earn more revenue and sales.

Here’s how the print-on the demand model of drop-shipping operates:

  • One can sell custom-designed products that can only be printed after you have received an order
  • Don’t maintain any inventory in physical form
  • You are partnered with the POD print facility.
  • POD printing facility is a POD printing facility prints unprinted, plain products.
  • The same printing company produces, packs, and then ships your POD product to your customers.

There’s no risk or initial investment involved in the print-on-demand drop shipping method and that’s why it has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years. You won’t have to pay for keeping inventory in stock or the price of products until the moment someone purchases through your online store as with just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.

What are the Print-on-Demand products?

Print-on-demand is a custom-designed product made to order that online store owners develop to sell in their stores or on an online marketplace.

APOD facility lets you connect your store’s eCommerce with the printing service provider. This is basically your print-on-demand supplier. They print, package, and deliver your clothing that is printed on demand and other products from POD to your clients. One example of a print-on demand provider, often referred to a fulfillment service provider is Printify.

Print-on-demand items are typically common items that can be customized to the requirements of the customer. Simply forward the specifications to the printer, and all that’s left to do is to design and upload a POD-related product layout to the eCommerce store. In certain instances you could also ask your customers to upload the designs.

9 Trending Prints on Demand Products

Here are 9  top-selling products for print-on-demand that you could sell to help take your online business to the next step.

1. Sneakers

The most fashionable customized sneakers for 2022 are retro shoes and galaxy-themed sneakers. These are the two top-selling print-on-demand items on InterestPrint. This fulfillment service also offers its own print-on demand products and prints fashionable stylish and aesthetic designs.

2. Stickers

There are a variety of options, such as Stickers on Demand and Create Stickers that allow you to create prints-on-demand labels in a variety of trendy designs. They also provide printing packaging, shipping and packing facilities that can simplify the entire selling process of printing on demand for you.

The most sought-after custom-designed stickers are die-cut priced at $179.7 million right now and projected to rise to $257.3 million by 2026’s end. Redbubble sells stunning sticker designs online, and offers the top prints on demand that you can order. It’s a great place to start your search for design ideas.

3. Tote Bags

Tote bags are fashionable eco-friendly, sustainable and sustainable prints that you can sell by 2022. They’re the perfect substitute to plastic bags which were recently banned across several countries as part of the movement to eliminate plastic.

The market worldwide for tote bags is predicted to increase by $5.85 billion between 2021 and 2025. So, it is advisable to consider selling printed-on-demand bags for sale using Thomas to locate the POD fulfillment services provider.

Print-on demand tote bags can be extremely beneficial for companies for advertising strategies.

4. All-Over-Print Hoodies

In the past, we were familiar with identical designs on print-on-demand clothes including hoodies. They were print designs that were focused on the front, back and along the sleeves’ sides. These designs mostly revolved around numbers, letters and even words.

5. Posters

Posters are among the most sought-after print-on-demand products across the globe. In 2022, to searches in Google Trends indicated growing popularity for Marvel posters as well as minimalist art posters and Blacklight posters, and a host of others, for more details about  Poster Printing or Canvas Printing in Dubai

6. Mugs

Print-on-demand mugs are typically bought as gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversary celebrations, etc.

However, businesses and brands can also make use of mugs printed on demand to establish their image and create feelings of belonging for their employees.

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7. Socks

Sock Drawer Sock Drawer is a great illustration of an eCommerce store that relies on the popularity of this print-on-demand product.

It’s not hard to find options for socks and, as more vibrant and vibrant designs become more popular and more popular, the variety of designs increases!

8. Face Masks

If you plan to sell quality print-on-demand items make sure to include face masks as part of your print-on-demand portfolio of products. Design and upload your own design for face masks for your customers to view or admire and then place an order to print.

9. Scarves

Printing scarves can add a quick splash color to any boring look. Since you can wear scarfs with virtually every outfit, they’re the perfect accessory to your shop. This is the reason you should include them on your print-on demand items list.

Demand for scarfs generally is constant all through the year. This is why they rank among the most popular print-on demand products around the globe. Redbubble offers a wide selection of diverse prints that you can browse through for ideas.

How do you market Print-on-Demand products?

Before we show you how to promote your print-on demand product, allow us to explain how the dropshipping model of print-on demand is implemented. It is possible to skip the section following if you already know the POD selling idea.

In order to begin selling print on demand items in your store Here are the basic steps to follow:

  • Find a printing partner, or facility
  • Design your own designs and upload them into your eCommerce store
  • Your customers should place an order
  • Your printing partner should print, pack and deliver your POD item
  • Profit from your sales Then, you pay the cost to your partner in printing

Let’s continue to talk about the strategies to ensure the success of your POD.

  • Know Your Audience

Begin by looking up who your clients are and their interests, the things they enjoy and what they need in their daily lives aspirations, wants, and desires.

  • User-Generated Content

It is likely that potential customers will be more likely to purchase from you if they could provide them with a social evidence. Apart from uploading just the design for your print-on-demand products ensure that you are including real images of your product from your customers or your influencers.

It is possible to do this by reaching out to Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok influencers and asking them to create content that is resonant with potential customers. This will help establish your credibility and credibility.

  • Product Reviews

Display testimonials from customers’ reviews on your website to strengthen your credibility within your target market.

  • Social Ads

Create advertisements to Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok to advertise your services effectively and to get the word out. To do this, you must first determine where your target customers are likely to spend the majority of their time.

Once you’ve identified your ideal customers, make sure you choose specific keywords to utilize social media advertisements as a way to promote the print-on-demand items at your shop.

Take a look at social media websites and examine the different ways to make ads. Make use of them to market your products through various channels.

Find out how you can make use of Facebook to promote e-commerce, and Instagram marketing tricks for eCommerce that leverage social media as your most effective and most efficient marketing tool.


Print-on-demand products that are well-designed and have a solid selling plan instantly increases the sales and profits of your business. Make sure you keep up to date with trends, and offer what your customers would be looking to purchase.

Take advantage of these 15 most popular printing-on-demand items to market in 2022. If you’re looking for additional product ideas Here are top dropshipping products that you can offer online to generate even more revenue like Wedding Invitation Printers,Tag printers, and Yoga mat printers. The more diverse your print-on demand product is, the better are your earnings! Check out the Cloudways webinar about price and selling on the value.



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