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Top 5 Ridesharing & Taxi apps In The World As Of 2022

Mobile applications are so much popular because of so many reasons. They are undoubtedly capable of making our lives easy. You can perform so many tasks just by sitting at home and these tasks are just a tap away be it ordering food from your favorite restaurant or listening to a great song by Bohemian Rhapsody or looking for a ride. These apps are a lifesaver so many times especially when someone who’s unable to do a certain task because of any disability gets help through any of these apps. Ridesharing apps are so popular and widely used all over the world. Ever heard about uber? It has a very high level of customer satisfaction and is widely used. Uber facilitates its users through promotions and discounts every other day and people find it reasonable and convenient also. 

Many other apps, such as Uber, are also widely used, and we will explore the top ride-sharing apps in this blog post.

Top Ridesharing & Taxi Apps


Uber has been so popular for so many years all over the world. Apps like this one have the most downloads and are trusted by many due to the simple installation process and exceptional service. Garret Camp, a famous Canadian entrepreneur as well as a software developer, founded this app in 2009. His aim was to reduce the cost of direct transportation. The popularity of Uber grew so much in the 2010s that now it has expanded all over the world, whether it is to Europe, Asia, or South America. Whenever someone is looking for a transport service the first option that comes to their mind is Uber. Some of the amazing features of Uber are the multiple drop-off points and discounts given to the users. One amazing feature is the passenger rating option that pops up after every ride, so passengers can rate the driver and service.


To make an app like Uber is not an easy task but in 2012 computer programmers Logan Green and John Zimmer successfully launched this great app with the name of Lyft. This app is popular because the rides offered by the company are cheaper as compared to the others. It is important to hire a driver who is well-trained and friendly, as drivers are required to attend training sessions. They are providing 1 million insurances for the passengers also. If you have this app on your cell phone there’s a great possibility of easily getting a ride at affordable prices.


GETT was developed by Israeli software developers Shahar Waiser and Roi More. This ridesharing app is popular in the United Kingdom basically. The main aim of this app is to provide service to the corporate sector. Almost all big companies based in the United Kingdom are using this app. The employees are so happy because the drivers are skilled enough and won’t ask you to come to them as they will reach your pickup location by themselves. The cars used by the company are eco friendly and the best thing is their customer service that’s available 24/7. 


Careem is a company based in Dubai that is used in more than 100 cities in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa. Known as Uber of the Muslim world, this app is very popular in Muslim countries just as Uber is popular mainly in the Western world.  They are also popular for delivering food to your doorstep. Careem is aiming to hire more women employees as they promote women empowerment in the Muslim world. They are also supporting refugees all over the world through their campaigns. 


Didi ridesharing company was launched in Beijing China, this provides multiple means of transport like, bus, cars, bikes, rickshaws and others. This company is expanding throughout the world. They are collaborating with different countries like Japan, Sweden. They are now focusing on the use of electric cars which are more environmentally friendly. The fares are cheap as compared to the local transport options. They are collaborating with the corporate world also with the aim to provide customers with convenient transit options. 


This shows that Uber is not the only popular app as the competition is increasing because of so many new startups that are doing wonders. This change is revolutionary as there used to be a time when people had to cover large distances to look for a ride. Not only this, local rides are very expensive.



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