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Tips to Select Silhouette Wedding Dress For A Petite Bride?

It’s not only physically exhausting but also emotionally draining to search for the perfect wedding gown that seamlessly complements your unique body shape. When you’re a small bride, the hunt becomes considerably more difficult.

You may have spent half your life as a small woman fighting to find regular clothing that fits precisely; unfortunately, buying a bridal gown is no different. Even while there’s a tonne of inspiration in bridal publications, Instagram, and Pinterest boards, it’s impossible to imagine a dress on your little body when the model is over 5.6″ tall.

It’s crucial to know which design would flatter your skinny body type when shopping for your bridal gown. You should choose a gown that elongates your form without making it appear wider. This means that wearing a puffy, oversized ball gown or princess gown will make you appear shorter due to the surplus fabric.

Pollardi wedding dresses stylists have created a silhouette and shopping guide to help you narrow down your options and choose the dress that perfectly completes your bridal look.

Tips For Petite Brides Shopping For Wedding Dresses

If you want a beautiful wedding gown for your petite frame, stay away from dresses with a lot of material. Like every girl, you may have fantasized about wearing a magnificent princess gown, but the voluminous gown will envelop your diminutive frame. To keep your petite physique from becoming overwhelmed, take a basic approach. Avoid extremely opulent dresses with a lot of bling and big bows.

When it comes to bridal gowns, length isn’t the only consideration. It’s critical to make sure the outfit’s dimensions match your body type. It’s very simple to have the dress shortened to your height, but a neckline made for someone taller than 5’6″ will not fit a 5’1″ or shorter woman.

For Short Brides, Which Silhouettes Work Best?

The first step in giving your small body an elongated shape is to choose the proper silhouette. Here’s a list of the best silhouettes to add a dramatic aspect to your bridal ensemble.

Dresses With Sheaths

If you want a bridal look that turns heads, the sheath style is for you. An elegant body-fitting sheath dress is terrific to show off your slim shape without overdoing it. This silhouette is designed to produce a lovely yet minimalistic aesthetic by running vertically from the shoulders to the hips. The sheath dresses are also lightweight, making them ideal for any occasion – whether you’re planning a beach Pollardi wedding dress or a fairytale-style wedding in a mansion.

Dresses With Trumpets

With trumpet or mermaid gowns, you can add style and drama to your bridal ensemble. This silhouette’s expanded waistline makes you appear taller, while the flare at the knee balances off your delicate frame. This design is ideal for quietly displaying your curved form because it elegantly highlights your attributes. Furthermore, by wearing a waistline higher than your natural waist, you can create the illusion of longer legs.
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