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Things to do in Valley of Flowers


If you are taking a vacation to the Valley of Flowers, here is a list of the top things to do. The Valley of Flowers, a sprawling 87-square-kilometre prairie and UNESCO World Heritage Site, is situated at an incredible location where the Zanskar and Himalayan ranges contact. This is one of India’s most remarkable locations, with a dizzying array of plants and animals. Expeditions and natural environment walks, as well as nature preserves, shrines, and bizarre innate landscapes, are among the activities available. Regrettably, due to the harsh icy weather, this is best appreciated between the months of March and October.

The National Park

The Valley of Flowers, situated in the western Himalayas, is a stunning nature reserve known for its vast fields of hillside plant life. They form the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve when combined with the Nanda Devi National Park. The nature reserve also protects some more of the world’s most threatened with extinction of flora and fauna. Thousands of visitors from all over the world come to see the green meadowlands, beautiful canyons, and swirling waterways. The best time to visit is somewhere between June and August.

Nanda Devi National Park

This park, which is also a World Heritage Site, is the most highly praised and engrossing for having experienced wilds in the Himalayas and is dominated by ‘Nanda Devi Peak,’ the country’s second-largest peak. The park has a unique landscape, climate conditions, and a diverse ecosystem, societies, and fauna and flora. From June to October, it is suggested to make a visit here at least once, if possible.

Hemkund Sahib

The Hemkund Sahib is also known as Gurudwara Shri Hemkunt Sahib. It can be reached by trekking through several falls, closely packed forests, and delightful Himalayan views. During the cold season, the sanctuary is closed. The shrine, which is only open from May to October, is also a popular hiking destination due to the breathtaking views of Hemkund Lake and snow-capped mountain ranges. This place is considered to be pious for all Sikh devotees.

Bheem Pul

Bheem Pul is a corrugated metal bridge built over the Saraswati River in Mana Village. This is the last piece of land on the Tibetan border, 3 kilometres from Badrinath. The river’s incredible strength, the overpass, and the nearby ravines all combine to create an absolutely stellar picture chance and breathtaking views. You can stand on this bridge and feel the breeze washing your face and hair.

Saraswati River

The Saraswati River is a tributary of the Alaknanda River that flows via Uttarakhand and is named after the Goddess of Wisdom,. It joins the Alaknanda River near Mana Village in the Chamoli district at Keshav Prayag. Bheem Pul, a rock formation bridge, provides access to Vasudhara Falls. The bridge provides breathtaking views of the estuary and surrounding high mountains. This river is revered by all and is considered to be pious by all because it is a distributary of The Ganges.

Trekking and Walks

Treks and nature walks are coordinated from June to October when the conditions allow direct exposure to the Valley of Flowers National Park and nearby places of interest such as Hemkund Sahib and Hemkund Lake. The park covers an area of 87.5 square kilometres and offers numerous times to experience crazy flora and fauna as well as take some particularly special natural world walks. This is a rejuvenating experience for all and provides a peaceful and relaxing vibe,

Hemkund Lake

It is located next to the revered Hemkund Sahib Sikh monument and is one of the most beautiful lakes in the nation. The lake, also known as the “Lake of Snow,” has a girth of nearly 2 kilometres. The months between June to October is the best time to visit the lake. Thousands of tourists visit Hemkund Sahib and the nearby lake each year. This lake is truly an amazing sight to witness.


A small neighbourhood on the way to Hemkund Sahib, it is a popular stop for Sikh pilgrims, as well as the Valley of Flowers, a renowned national park, is only about 3 kilometres away. It is accessible from May to September and is located at 3049 metres in the Northern Himalayas. This is a really nice place to chill out and relax.



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