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Things About Custom Neon Signs For Room Decoration

Although the concept of neon light signs for room decoration is a simple one, there are a number of problems that may arise. These issues can be tricky to diagnose, because the connecting cables are hidden. Some of the most common problems involve a dim or dark part of the sign, or flickering light. If the neon tubes do not transmit the current properly, the sign will not display any signs of life.

Jasionlight’s commitment to quality

Jasionlight’s commitment to quality neon lights and signs for rooms has helped them expand into a global industry. They are recognized for producing quality products that are energy efficient and use low voltage. They are also durable and easy to install. They are an excellent choice for any room and will add flair to the space.

Customers can choose custom neon lights for their rooms from a wide variety of colors. Trendy colors include pink, purple, blue, and warm white. The custom room neon signs are made using flame resistant PVC or a glass tube. The custom neon lights for rooms are a more energy efficient alternative to traditional glass neon signs. LED signs use lower voltage and have less heat than traditional neon signs, making them safer to touch.


There are many options when it comes to colors of neon light signs for rooms. Some people go for a cool pink neon sign which stands out in contrast to a black wall or neutral background. This color combination will help to create a relaxing ambiance. Others like red and orange which give off a warm and welcoming ambiance. But there are literally millions of other colors to choose from, and you can have neon signs in any color that appeals to you.

Another great use for neon lights is as motivational posters. For example, “You’re like really pretty” can be a great way to inspire yourself. Whether you’re working at home or at the office, staying inspired is crucial to producing creative work. Hanging a bright fluorescent sign against a plain white wall can help to ignite that innovative energy.


Size is an important factor when buying neon light signs. Make sure you measure the wall space in the room you’re planning to install a sign. For example, if your bedroom is only 91cm wide, you’ll need to purchase a smaller neon sign. If your room is much larger, you can purchase a larger neon sign.

You’ll also want to consider the font size. A six-letter sign can be seven to nine inches high and around twenty-four inches long. However, if you want to use a larger font, it’s best to order a larger sign.


The installation of neon light signs in a room is a great way to bring ambiance and style to a room. It does not burn anyone when it is on, but it is important to follow safety guidelines when installing them. As they are made from neon, electrodes are hot, so be careful not to touch them.

Children love to touch beautiful things with bright lights, so be sure to keep neon signage away from their reach. This will help them learn to be more careful in handling items and can also make them respect neon lighting. Also, it is important to keep neon light signs away from plug sockets, as this can cause overheating and sparks.


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