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The Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Suction Cups – The Best Brands and Features

When you need to lift a heavy object or break the suction between two surfaces, a vacuum suction cup can be a great help. These cups create suction by using air pressure and release it by using the same principle. They are not only perfect for lifting and holding small objects, but also for releasing surfaces with strong suction that cannot easily be removed.


These come in different sizes, shapes, and colors for home or professional use. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about vacuum suction cups before buying one.

What are vacuum suction cups?

The industrial vacuum suction cup for heavy lifting was primarily developed for the purposes of moving and lifting materials such as engine valves, glass, fish tanks, sheet metal, stone blocks, plastics, and appliances, amongst other objects. They are able to support a variety of weights, which are determined by the load capacity of the structures. The connection between the workpiece and the handling system is provided by an industrial vacuum suction cup. They are made up of an elastomer suction cup and a connecting part.   An industrial vacuum suction cup is usually made of silicon, chloroprene, NBR, or polyurethane. Depending on the material of the suction cup, it can be used for different applications.

How do suction cups work?

Suction cups do not adhere to the surface of a workpiece. Instead, vacuum suction cups grab and move objects for pick-and-place applications using atmospheric and vacuum pressure. Additionally, suction cups can be installed and replaced without causing any damage.

How to choose the best suction cup?

There are times when it can be very difficult and complicated to choose the appropriate industrial vacuum suction cup. When searching for an industrial vacuum suction cup on the internet or even when looking for it in stores, there are a few things that you should keep in mind and keep an eye out for in order to make sure that you choose the industrial vacuum suction cup that is most suited to your needs. When it comes time to repair or upgrade the industrial vacuum suction cup, be sure to follow the following recommendations:

Material types

An industrial vacuum suction cup is available in polyurethane, butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, silicone, and Viton. Each material resists wear, ripping, deformation, severe temperatures, and chemicals differently. Oil-resistant polyurethane is popular in the vehicle sector. Butadiene rubber’s antistatic qualities make it a suitable alternative for the electronics industry, where static electricity causes $5 billion in annual damage. Nitrile rubber is a flexible material appropriate for typical uses. Its key advantage is its inexpensive cost. Both Viton and silicone suction cups are heat resistant, with the latter certified for usage in the food industry.


Regardless of the manufacturer, selecting the appropriate size for your industrial vacuum suction cup depends on a number of different elements. These factors include the size, weight, orientation, surface temperature, environmental factors, and mounting space of the product that is being handled. In order for your vacuum pump to be able to lift heavier things while maintaining the same level of pressure, you will need to purchase the largest vacuum suction pads possible.

Load Capacity

An industrial vacuum suction cup’s load capacity refers to the maximum amount of weight it can support before it needs to be changed. If the number is higher, then it can support a greater amount of weight. The weight rating might vary between different models and will also change depending on the material that is utilized.

The best vacuum suction cups

This is a list of the most effective vacuum suction cups currently available on the market. When deciding which option to go with, you should base your decision on the factors that we talked about earlier.


For vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting solutions, Eurotech Taiwan offers its industrial vacuum suction cup series, known as the Eurotech MTC suction cups. These comprise numerous types, sizes, and materials for lifting applications like glass, sheet metal, and wood. To provide suitable vacuum lifting solutions and boost productivity and efficiency in lifting production, a wide range of components are used, including suction plates, and flat and below suction cups.

SCHMALZ Suction Cups

Depending on the use, Schmalz suction cups have different characteristics. It may be circular, oval, or classified into a wide variety of dimensions. Schmalz suction cups can be used for a wide range of things. There is a universal suction cup, as well as cups for packaging, handling metal, wood, and glass, high-temperature applications, plastic film and paper, and composites.

ALLVAC Suction Cups

For a wide variety of automated material handling applications involving materials as varied as metal and glass to plastic and paper to food and wood, the packaging, cartoning, robotics, baking, printing, collating, and mailing industries all heavily rely on vacuum suction cups, vacuum grippers, and vacuum suckers. Other industries that heavily rely on vacuum suction cups include baking, printing, collating, and mailing.


Allvac has over 1,500 industrial vacuum suction cups in a wide range of shapes and materials, so you can easily pick up and relocate most loads. For applications that call for FDA approval, oil resistance, non-marking, ESD, high heat, and abrasion resistance, they mold their vacuum cups from rubber, vinyl, silicone, urethane, and a wide range of polymer blends.

PIAB Suction Cups

Suction cups and soft grippers offer an almost infinite number of possibilities for a variety of lifting and grasping tasks. It is possible to perform tasks such as labeling and holding things, opening bags; picking out electronic components; and handling board materials and food. However, the requirements and needs you must meet vary greatly depending on the application. Piab has one of the most extensive collections of suction cups on the market, ensuring that there is a Piab suction cup solution for any need. If you get in touch with them and describe your requirements, they will work with you to determine the optimal solution and selection of products for your needs.

ANVER Suction Cups

As a manufacturer, Anver is able to produce a large variety of high-quality cups and keep a large inventory on hand, allowing us to ship even large orders quickly. Because of its vast inventory, unwavering commitment to quality, and rapid order processing and shipping, ANVER is the go-to source in North America for suction cups, vacuum cups, level compensators, suspensions, vacuum cup mountings, and sealing rings. Since ANVER manufactures its own goods, it can guarantee consistently high quality, competitive pricing, and a large stock of products ready for immediate shipment.


Therefore, it is essential to take into account the various strengths and weaknesses of a particular brand in order to realize the full potential that the correct application of a suction cup has, especially in light of the increasing number of competitors in the market. It’s in your best interest to learn the ins and outs of how these cups work, so you can maximize their potential. To ensure you purchase the most suitable suction cup for your needs, it is important to understand the function of each component.



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