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The Love Spell That Prevents A Divorce

You are seeing it coming from afar. Each time, you and your partner are closer to divorce and you feel that there is nothing more you can do. If you have really tried even couple’s therapy, then the time has come to play your last card: a love spell that helps avoid it. In addition to carrying it out how and when we tell you, both of you will have to make an extra effort to get yours to work again.

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How to save your relationship from divorce with a spell

This formula is very similar to the one we saw in ‘A love spell that could save your relationship’, with the difference that since it is a marriage, it requires a few more ingredients. Take note of the ingredients you should use: a photograph of a happy moment, paper and a pen, a rose quartz, a pink candle, satin ribbon, two chrysanthemums (also roses if possible).

In this case we are not going to need the photograph to be framed, but it must be printed on normal, folio paper. It is very important that, in this case, you perform the spell on a full moon.

Lay the photograph face up on a flat surface and place the piece of paper on it and write the same spell we mentioned before in pen: ‘Together we will overcome all obstacles. Our love is strong, our union infinite’.

Place the photograph on top of the writing, but turn it upside down, so that the words touch the image. Between both leaves, she introduces the rose quartz stone and the two chrysanthemums (without stem). Fold the leaves into a small bundle and secure with satin ribbon. As you go through this process, she recites the magic words out loud and signs three times in a row.

Light the candle with a match and focus on your wish. Visualize how you would like your relationship to be for a few minutes and let the candle burn down with the flower package and the photograph in front of you.

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