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The Complete Guide to Choosing Area Rugs for home

Area rugs are fundamental for decoration. They can play the role of artwork for your flooring. You can also add beauty to your room’s articles by placing area rugs in them. At the time of the home’s decoration, every person tries to include humor in it. An area rug can provide this opportunity to you in an efficient way.

It depends upon the selection of the best area rug having an accurate size, the best material, reliability, and a financial range. Often people are stuck at the time the selection of a suitable area rug for their home but don’t worry, this article is going to iron out your tension. You must read it thoroughly to gain complete guidance.

How to Select a Suitable Area Rug?

The selection of suitable area rugs is not a child’s play but a herculean task. In this regard, some criteria for the selection of area rugs are discussed below for better guidance for the readers.

Choose Right Rug Designs

The first step that is involved in the selection of an area rug is the observation of its numerous beautiful designs to gain inspiration. You can physically visit the selling points or the observation of designs through online mode is also before you.

On this visit, note down all the colours, framing, patterns, and textures of all the area rugs that enthuse you. After that, choose the right rug design in accordance with the appearance of your residence.

Colour Reflection

The selection of the beautiful colours in almost all objects is included in the nature of every person. The same is the case with the selection of colours for the area rug. It is known as a vital step in this procedure because it reflects the complete look of your room.

Some people try to make a similarity of colour with the furniture articles in their room, but the usage of multiple colours has better outcomes. So, make a difference in the colours of walls, ceilings, and other interior decors.

Patterns Consideration

Some people are nostalgic about the patterns, so they choose the same colour for walls and furniture pieces, which detracts from the beauty of your home. If these colours are changed, then it will be expensive, but a patterned rug can bring forth glorification in your room.

Similarly, the people having patterned furniture in their house can install a rug having neutral colours to gain a soothing effect. So, you can consider one of these patterns according to the appearance of your home.  

Select Appropriate Size

At the time of purchasing an area rug, you must have information about the size of your area. Whether you are going to buy an area rug for your living room or a dining room, they are present in every size. The bedrooms consisting of a large area also demand a large area rug to cover the bed along with nightstands.

Usually, rugs measuring 8 by 10 feet are recommended for these extensive bedrooms. Many people don’t like the complete covering of their floor with an area rug; they only prefer to place it under the furniture item to save their floor from scratches.

Type of Area Rug

You must take into account the best type of area rug at the time of its selection. There are three types of piles: high, medium, and low. Low-pile buy area rugs in Dubai can provide numerous benefits. These can be cleaned easily with a vacuum, and you can buy them at an affordable price.

On the other hand, a person has to face obstacles in these steps to keeping a high-pile area rug. Longer pile rugs can provide a welcoming atmosphere as well as a sense of softness under your feet. So, feel free to install it if your home is experiencing an influx of people on a daily basis.


Apart from these guidelines in the selection of an area rug, reviewing the best material is also included in these. The area rug’s advantages are directly proportional to its manufacturing material. Mostly, area rugs are made up of natural and synthetic fibres. You can also go towards the selection of wool, nylon, sisal, jute, and others. Purchase these according to your wishes.


There are different pricing plans for area rugs that depend on the size, material, and other features. You must have a budget of $300 for the room that is 8 by 10 feet. This pricing may be cut down on general holidays. Besides this, you can install it by yourself or the services of an expert can also be taken.


Maintaining an area rug is also an easy task. For this purpose, follow some rules.

  • Shake your rug in a good manner
  • Clean it with a vacuum daily
  • On-time removal of the stains
  • Cleaning with water and drying it
  • Add padding
  • Rotate these at the day end
  • Change your furniture placement


To cut a long story into short, an area rug is selected to gain multiple advantages, but an individual must follow some vital directions in this regard. These can be summarised as the selection of the appropriate size, material, cost-effectiveness, maintenance, type of area rug, pattern consideration, colour reflection, and choosing the right rug designs. Follow these directions to choose the best area rug.



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