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The Benefits of Metal Wall Plates

Every home has an electrical system running through it. It has plenty of outlets, light switches, and wall plates to ensure wires are safely tucked away into your walls. There are many different kinds of wall plates used for different wires. These wall plates can look unseemly in your home. The white plates can contrast terribly with the color you want to paint your wall. Luckily, there are different types of Metal Wall Plates you can switch out to make your room tie together. 

Wall Plates

There are tons of different types of wall plates in your home. Each is used to support a different cable. Phone jack plates, outlet plates, light switch plates—all of these types of plates are scattered throughout your home. The default plate option is a white plastic that tends to break, but alternative options are becoming increasingly popular.

Screwless Wall Plates

When researching wall plates that you’re considering replacing, be sure you know which type to get. Screwless wall plates are a good example. Since they’re not generally well known, you’ll have to figure out what plate you’re replacing. Many hardware sites will offer pictures to compare your wall plates, so you know exactly what type to get.

A mounting bracket is placed on the wall. Then the face plate snaps on top of it to seal off the wires and provide a clean, seamless look to your wall. It will also help keep your wires in place and protect them from moisture, dust, and curious kids and animals who might try to see what goes on behind a light switch or outlet. 

Different Materials

Many wall plates are primarily made of plastic, but there are metal options for wall plates as well, such as nickel. Nickel plates have a lot of advantages: They don’t break or get scratched easily. Most of the edges are beveled down, so they’re smoother. They’re also a greener alternative, as they’re recyclable and last a lot longer when compared to plastic. Plus, they’re just much more pleasing to look at, adding their own style and a more sophisticated flair to your space.

Now you may not mind the general look of your plastic wall plates, but a longer-lasting and the more permanent option would definitely be the nickel wall plates. They’re actually quite affordable, and plenty of hardware stores offer them as an option since they’re so durable. Take a look into replacing your wall plates with screwless brushed wall plates for a more permanent and appealing option.



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