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The 5 most productive ways for a kid to spend the summer

Summer vacations are a long time off from school. Kids tend to get distracted from all the productive activities during these holidays. Many kids spend most of their time on digital pieces of equipment. It can be damaging to the brain. 

Kids do not know what they are missing. As a responsible parent, you can choose productive tasks for them to do. Here are five ways you can make the holidays productive

Summer Camps

If you think you cannot manage to keep your child productive at home, make them join STEAM summer camps. A STEAM summer camp is a camo where they focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. 

You can choose the subjects based on your kid’s interests. The summer holidays should be an enjoyable time for the kid. These camps make the kid learn through activities, but it helps if your kid has a prior interest in the subject.

Other types of camps focus on different hobbies and activities. These camps can also help teach your kid a craft, which can also be a productive way to spend holidays.

Teach Baking 

Baking with your kid can be a heartwarming experience for you and your kid. Cooking together can be a fun and productive activity for the kids. If your kid shows interest in cooking, allow them to cook under your supervision. 

It can also help strengthen the bond between you and your child. You get to spend time with your kid, they learn something, and you get delicious baked goods as a result. Baking can be the right way to spend holidays.

Learn Music

You can make your kid take music lessons during the summer vacation. Many music academies teach kids. You can get your child admitted to one of these academies to improve their instrumental skills.

Learning a new skill during the holidays can be beneficial in school. Learning an instrument will enhance the creative side of your child. If your child knows how to play an instrument, they can do extracurricular activities later. It can become their hobby or a way to relax too.

Join a Sports Club

Make your child join a sports club. It can be a sport of their liking, but it has to be physical. It is necessary to focus on the physical education of your child as well as on their mental one.

For a healthy body, daily physical activity is crucial. Even if your child is not athletic, they must do athletic activities. 

You can make them join swimming lessons, basketball, tennis, or any other game they like.

Provide Books

You can make your child read informative books in the summer. Developing an interest in reading helps keep children away from screens and improve their knowledge. You can guide them on what to read by buying suitable books.

You can make them read poetry or literature that suits their level of reading skills. Later you can make them write an original story to build their creative writing skills.

All these activities will make sure your kid does not waste their time and have a productive summer.

End Up 

Your child might say they don’t enjoy reading, but most of the time when they are reading the book they like, they won’t be able to stop reading! We suggest taking your child to the bookshop or library in the beginning of the break. choose at least one book. It is important to take a seat and read at least once per every day. The majority of teachers recommend 20-30 minutes of reading each day.

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In order to make the experience more enjoyable with your children, you can create your own mini-book club, with you and your child as the only participants! You can read along with them, and then talk about the plot each evening. If you’re reading alongside them and having conversations with them it’ll bring them closer to the story. Don’t be scared to let them choose the books that are silly if that’s their favorite genre of reading. Children aren’t required to read The Art of War.

Be sure that your child has a creative outlet at home that stimulates their minds. Buy Lego sets and allow them to sit in a chair and construct their own city. Many educators suggest buying Lego pieces instead of sets, so that your child can allow their imagination to run wild and create whatever they like.



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