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Step by Step Detailed Guide to Write Journalistic Essay

The news may be entertaining or interesting, but the core purpose of journalistic writing is to create public awareness. The duties of a journalist are to provide citizens with the information that he/she must know to make an informed decision. Like another type of journalistic writing, the journalistic essay also aims to inform the public about an event with the help of an interesting but true story. This article at Vumenow will discuss these essays and also explain their four simple writing steps.  

1. Journalistic essay

 A journalistic essay is a combination of individual essays and journalistic reporting. It is a type of non-fiction writing. A journalist usually uses this type of writing for newspaper or magazine publications. Individual essays aim to tell a story. In contrast, journalistic reporting is the straightforward reporting of an event. To create an informational story, a journalist must combine both of these elements. Like other types of essays, the journalistic essay must also have a clear structure. Similarly, like journalistic reporting, it must also be accurate in terms of the facts and figures. Thus, a good journalistic essay is one where you have to follow the reporting as well as essay writing rules at the same time.   

1.1 Essential components of an individual essay:

A personal essay is a form of narrative writing. By definition, personal or individual essays are non-fictional types of essays. They share thought-provoking and entertaining stories for readers. Also, they are different from other types of essays as they aim to narrate a true story. In some cases, the professional essay writers of personal essays change the characters’ names for the sake of hiding their identity. Simply, if an essay is telling a true story, even if the name of the character has been changed, the essay will be a personal type. The following are some components that a reader always wants to find in a personal essay:

  1. Compelling hook
  2. Interesting story
  3. Thought-provoking content 
  4. Well-explained relations between the characters of the story
  5. Arrange events to create suspense
  6. Meaningful points
  7. Interesting converging points
  8. A vivid conclusion  

1.2 Essential component of journalistic report writing:

News reporting is the most difficult type of writing. It involves complete investigation or research to explore the truth of an event before reporting. Reporting is a hard process. It demands high stamina and patience from the journalist. The foremost task in reporting is to gather information by reviewing news, conducting interviews and directly observing events. In journalism, the reporting is basically of eight types: 

  1. Informational and analytical report
  2. Periodic report
  3. Short and long reports
  4. Long and short reports
  5. Vertical or lateral reports
  6. External or internal reports
  7. Proposal reports
  8. Formal or informal reports 

 The following are some components that a journalist must include in his report, regardless of their types;

  1. Loyalty to citizens.
  2. Verification of the truth
  3. Free from biasness
  4. Free from politics
  5. Chance for the public to critique
  6. A precise and comprehensive description of the news

However, in journalistic reports structure must be inverted pyramid type. UK research writers refer to the flow of information from the most to the least important one. In simple, a journalistic report must start by specifying who, what, when, and how aspects of an event. The inverted pyramid structure aims to make the story more understandable for the reader. 

2. Steps to writing a Journalist essay

Unlike the traditional way of writing English essays, there is no signal way of writing a journalistic essay. There is a set of guidelines that allow us to make an appealing journalistic essay. For example, the focus must be well-researched. It must grab the reader’s attention by creating a true but compelling story. The content of the essay must be well-informative (must include facts and figures). The content of a journalist’s essay must clear the writer’s stance on an event. Briefly, the process of writing a journalist essay must include the following steps:

2.1 Select a topic:

 The first step in writing a journalistic essay must be the selection of a topic of interest. Unlike other types of essays, in journalistic essays, you must select a topic that not only grasps your attention but it must also attracts the attention of the public as well. In the preliminary stage of your essay, you must consider the following aspect:

  1. What will be the lead for your essay?
  2. Which story will you tell about the lead?
  3. Which will be themed to better structure your story?
  4. The key point the essay will extend is?
  5. Facts do I already know about, and for which do I want to conduct further research?
  6. Can I interview the character of a story to make it more newsworthy?
  7. What is my personal view about an event?

3. Conduct research

Once you have selected a compelling story, topic and stance to make a journalistic essay. The next step must be to use multiple sources to collect views, opinions and facts or figures. The more sources you use in an essay, the more newsworthy your essay will be. The most important tools that you use to gather information include:

  1. Direct observation to witness the event.
  2. Collecting review of experts regarding a happening to create a true story.
  3. Library or historical events may also be a good source of information for your journalistic essay.
  4. Google Scholar, BBC news and governmental records are also noteworthy for providing you with information.

3.1 Write a compelling story:

This is the point where narrative skills can help you in writing a journalistic essay. It helps you in telling the minor details of your story. Minor details include: what the main lead was wearing, what he said and how the characters behaved. Here, you can also use some dramatic scenes to make a compelling story.  

3.2 Include facts, figures and events:

Whatever the topic of the journalistic essay you opt for, the addition of facts and figures is compulsory. The more you explain an event, the more impactful your journalistic essay will be.

Concluding thoughts:

In a summary, the journalistic essay is a combination of journalistic reports and personal essays. A personal essay is a narrative, but a non-fiction type of essay that involves telling a true story. Similarly, the journalistic report is a type of writing that aims to cause public awareness about an event. Thus, for writing a journalistic essay, both reporting and storytelling skills are important. The easiest way to write such an essay is to follow four steps: 1) selection of topic, 2) conducting research, 3) creating a story 4) addition of facts and figures in the final draft.



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