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How to speak clearly and confidently to your child?

Whatever you do in your daily life, you will almost certainly have to interact with others. Speaking skills are an often-overlooked aspect of communication today, but being able to communicate your ideas clearly to others is still crucial. This is especially true for those learning a new language. Without a doubt, learning how to speak clearly is at the top of our priority lists! It is more difficult for people to understand you and help you learn your target language if you do not speak clearly.

Speaking clearly and effectively can make it much easier to accurately communicate ideas. Slow down your speech, enunciate each syllable, and work on your diction. Make time to practise speaking and correct yourself if you make a mistake.

Why is it so difficult to speak clearly?  

You must communicate in a variety of settings, including meetings with our team, our boss, and our clients. Everyone have job interviews and must give presentations.

Every one must introduce ourselves and make a good first impression. We’re expected to make small talk before meetings and when meeting someone for the first time. All of these are difficult speaking situations, and none of them are taught in school!

We must project confidence and authority. We want people to believe in us and respond to our call to action. This is how we achieve great relationships and successful careers. The only way to get there is with Clarity Of Speech.

And, of course, when we’re in a high-stakes situation, our bodies go into fight or flight mode. How many of us don’t put ourselves in high-risk situations? After all, all we’re doing is trying to get ahead!

The Advantages of Learning to Speak Clearly  

Your listeners will notice the following changes as your enunciation improves:

  • Make a better impression of yourself as you speak by considering your diction to be calculated and thoughtful.

Be able to concentrate on the message you’re conveying rather than being distracted by how you’re expressing yourself.

Enlist the Help of a Speech Monitor for a Speech Exercise  

When you’re focused on speaking well, it’s more difficult to perform naturally. Enlisting a speech monitor is the best way to determine whether or not you’re properly enunciating when you speak and to stop slurring and mumbling.

Someone else will notice your sloppy speech habits much more easily than you will. Choose someone who lives with you (spouse, child, or roommate) for convenience, explain that you’re working on your enunciation, and ask them to notify you whenever you drop a G or don’t speak clearly. Keep track of how frequently your speech monitor informs you that you have committed this speech offense.

As you continue to practise speaking clearly, you should notice a decrease in the number of times your speech monitor hears you speaking sloppily. If you want to up the ante, enlist the help of a regular co worker as a speech monitor.

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