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Sources for Reliable Evidence For Your Claim In Research

All students have to work on various assignments at the college and university levels. These assignments are not so long that they require time of one year. At the end of the bachelor’s level, you need to work on a final year project. In this project, you will have to do research by aiming a claim in research. Before you start to research, it is necessary to know about its fundamental requirements. The very basic requirement is to differentiate research from other assignments. You may have solved complex assignments that need critical analysis. Such assignments can provide you with the basic foundation for research work.

In this era of evolving technology, the importance of research is getting more. So, a researcher with effective research skills can see their bright future. There are many aspects of research, and each of them needs high attention. From one type of research to other, the requirements can vary. In argumentative research, you have to start work with a statement. In general, it is called as a thesis statement. This thesis statement is basically a claim.

Let’s take this one of the important aspects and discuss it in detail. This article by top dissertation writers aims to discuss about a claim in research.

What Is Meant By Claim In Research?

A claim in research is a statement that reflects some fact. The fact is supposed to be from the area of your study that can link your work to the topic of discussion. While working on research, you must understand the difference between personal opinion and claim. A clear understanding of these terms helps you conduct effective research. Personal opinion neither requires any support nor has any quality issues. Personal opinion always represents the thoughts of a particular person. On the other hand, a claim is not about the representation of thoughts only, but it requires some ground basis that can be proved with the support of evidence.

What is the Importance of Using Reliable Sources as Evidence?

Understanding the definition of a claim in research means that it is supposed to have evidence. When you state a claim, the whole research is done to prove that claim. The proof is always in the form of evidence. Without adding evidence, it will only be taken as a personal opinion, and it won’t be credible. As a student in the senior class, you must have an idea that personal opinions have no credible worth in research. You can also say that it is the main difference between research and other assignments.

The presence of evidence can only be effective if the source’s reliability is correct. Suppose you did research and provided all of the required evidence. At the end of the research, your advisor asks you to show sources from which you have collected evidence. If you have used reliable resources even hire a trustworthy dissertation help UK for research, everything will be in a smooth flow, and the credabilty of your research will be ensured. Otherwise, you would not have a reliable source for valid justification of the claim in research.

What Can Be The Best Sources Of Having Reliable Evidence For Claims In Research?

Following are some best sources for having reliable evidence for the claim in research are:

Journals and Scholarly Articles

Journals and scholarly articles are the best sources for evidence collection. In the case of journals, it is necessary to have a review from board members. The approval from board members shows that everything is authentic, relevant, and reliable. That is why you can consider a journal as a reliable source of evidence collection. The scholarly articles do not have a list of reviews, but you can use articles from credible researchers. Both documents are written for specialised academic purposes that can address your problems effectively.


The publication of a book from a credible publisher shows its worth in the market of research. Not every book is best to use, but you can segregate the best books with the help of the publisher and writer. Search on the internet to have an idea about trustworthy writers.

Google Scholar

Most of the researchers use Google scholar to collect effective evidence. In many dissertations, you can see the major contribution of Google scholars in the literature review. So, you can use this source to support the claim in research. At Google scholar, you can easily find bundles of trustworthy material with proper citations. You can easily cite your work through Google scholar.

BBC News and Statista

Another reliable source for a claim in research can be BBC News and other reputable news channels. In the field of research, a reputable channel can be used to cite. At BBC News, you can find proper citations and publications to help you in your research work. Also, you can use Statista for the collection of stats. The facts and figures are available at Statista in huge amounts.

First-Hand Reporting

First-hand reporting include survey, interview and focused group interview. In all such cases, you collect data by yourself, and the validity of the data is well known to you. In the case of interviews and focused groups, it is necessary to have experience so that you can use data as evidence for the claim in research. Otherwise, you may lack good observation, and the validity of the data would be in doubt. Furthermore, you can contact some well-reputed organisations to share their first-hand data.

Final Thoughts

For research works, credibility and valid resource claims are imperative. Without claiming anything in argumentative research, you cannot prove your points. When adding a claim in research, you must be aware of its type.



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