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Some Important Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Sofas?

Stains and blemishes make your brand new sofas look filthier which can degrade the overall look of your living room. Stains can also weaken the fabric causing it to tear down easily making your sofas look dull and outdated.

You can avoid all types of stains by being careful while using them. But if you have stained your sofas, you do not have to worry. Instead, attack these stains as quickly as possible before they become difficult to remove.

You can follow some tips to remove stains or book sofa cleaning services in Karachi for effective and efficient cleaning.

Tips to Remove Stubborn Stains from Your Sofas

If you have stained your sofas, you need to devise a way to remove these stains as soon as possible. You can use some do it yourself tricks to combat stubborn stains and blemishes.

1. Chocolate Stains

You or your children might be in love with the chocolate. But do you know it can leave stubborn stains on your sofas and upholstery?

These stains not only can degrade your sofa look but also can invite different bugs to live on your sofas. When certain insects stick to your sofas, your sofas can start stinking after these insects die.

Therefore, you should be careful while eating chocolate on your sofas. And advise your children not to throw chocolate pieces on your sofas as these can make trouble for you.

But if your sofas and upholstery have become filthy, you do not need to worry. You can remove these stains yourself or by booking a skilled sofa cleaner in Karachi. The latter is a better option because the professionals have years-long experience in doing so.

2. Coffee Stains

Have you found a lot of coffee stains on your sofas after your friends and relatives have left? Now your mission of removing these stains begins.

Do not ever ignore these stains. In this way, you give them time to settle down and make strong adhesion. And these stains will become tough stains and will not be easy to remove.

You might be thinking that how can you remove these stains effectively. Let me tell you. Take a dry cloth and wet it with water. Now dip it in the soapy water and start rubbing the stained spot gently.

Remember! Do not rub it hard otherwise you can end up damaging your sofa fabric. Also, make sure you are using a clean cloth which can not leave more stains on your sofas.

3. Oil or Grease

You might be eating your meals or snacks while watching movies on your sofas. Snacks or meals can be a source of oil or grease on your sofas which can look unpleasant.

The oily or greasy stains not only make your sofas dirty but also can discolour their original colour. Therefore, you should find a way to get rid of these stubborn stains.

Here is one of the best ways: first of all spray the cold clean water on the stained spot. Second, sprinkle a generous amount of water on it.

In this way, all the oil and grease will be removed from the fabric properly. And your sofa starts looking spotless again. If the stains remain, you can book Sofa Wash Services in Karachi for professional cleaning of your sofas.

4. Ketchup Stains

Regretting eating burgers and fries sitting on your sofas and couches? Now you are worried about dark red ketchup stains on your sofas which are making your sofas look dirty.

Do not worry! There are ways you can clean your sofas and remove ketchup stains before these become stubborn.

So, let us start with the description of the procedure to remove ketchup stains. Take one teaspoon of ammonia and half a teaspoon of clean cold water.

Prepare a solution by mixing both these components. Now apply it to the point where there is staining. This solution will weaken the adhesion between the oil and fibres of the fabric and make your sofas clean.

5. Ink Blemishes

Are your school going children stubborn enough to listen to you and keep doing their homework on your colourful sofas and couches sited right in the centre of your living room? If yes, do not worry! Let them do what makes them happy.

You just have to make sure that they can not stain your sofas. For this purpose, you can use slipcovers on your sofas to prevent ink from reaching your sofas’ fabric.

If your children have stained your sofas, still you do not need to worry. Book cleaning services in Karachi and get your sofas cleaned excellently.

You can also try some DIY tricks to clean your sofas. You can take a small quantity of alcohol and rub it at the ink stain. It can remove the stain and make your sofas spotless again.



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