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Safety and Security at the Top Indian School: Few Pointers

Around 71% of schools have reported an incident of a violent crime. Whether it’s bullying, vandalism, or gang activities, even schools are not safe in today’s world. 

Every Indian school should focus on the safety of children and ensure that they are in an encouraging environment to learn. If a school does not offer basic security, children won’t feel like attending school.

Parents will also not feel comfortable sending their kids to a school where safety is compromised. Therefore, schools are focusing on ways to implement the best security measures. The top security measures that you will find at any school are as follows:

1.   CCTV Surveillance at an Indian School

Every school should have 360 degrees CCTV surveillance in every nook and corner. It will help in gaining visual evidence in case of theft or burglary. 

The cameras will also ensure that evidence can be found regarding attacks on students and employees. 

However, the school should take into account the placement of the cameras. Sometimes attackers damage the cameras or its cable to hide evidence. Therefore, the cameras should be placed strategically so that they can’t be damaged.

2.   ID Entrance Policy

The best safety precaution for an Indian school is to restrict entry without an ID. All students should be wearing their ID cards while entering the school. Any teacher or employee entering the school should punch their respective IDs. 

Security guards should be present at every entry point of the school. Any parent or other person willing to enter the school premises should show their ID at the entry point. 

They should also sign their name on the visitor’s list before entering. It helps in preventing trespassers from getting inside the school.

3.   Policy against Bullying

Parents should inquire about an anti-bullying policy during the time of Indian high school admission

Whether it’s physical or mental bullying, all students should refrain from doing it inside the school. The school can hold different seminars and campaigns to teach students to co-exist at the school without harming each other. 

The school authorities should make it clear that any student indulging in bullying will be strictly punished.

Students should have access to a safe forum where they can complain against bullying. The school should also have a counselor who can help a victim of bullying to lead a normal life without fear.

4.   Safety of School Bus

A lot of schools offer buses to enable students to commute easily. The school is responsible for student safety from the time they are picked up by the bus till the time they are dropped at home. 

We should check the school buses to ensure that the tires and brakes are working fine. 

The school authorities should also ensure that the engine is functional and the vehicle does not have a risk of catching fire. All the buses should be GPS-tracked and driven by licensed professionals.

5.   Educating Students and Employees about Emergency Procedures

Accidents can occur within the school premises at any time. A school might catch fire, or an earthquake might hit the city. They should train all students and employees at the school on how to act in such a circumstance. Students and employees should learn how to leave the building safely. They should teach students and faculty to stay calm during an emergency and help each other stay safe. The school should also engage students and employees in practice safety drills to avoid chaos during the time of an emergency.

6.   First-Aid and Emergency Medical Services

Students can often get involved in accidents within the school premises. They can trip down the stairs or get hit while playing. They might suddenly faint or fall sick inside the school. 

Even employees might need emergency medical services. We should equip the school with first-aid and emergency medical facilities to avoid serious consequences. 

The school sick-room should have emergency medicines and ointments available. Doctors and nurses should be present within the school premises to tend to emergencies.

7.   Ask About Security Audits during Indian High School Admission

Parents should ask the school authorities about security audits. The school should conduct these security audits frequently to ensure that security measures are in place. 

During Indian high school admission, inquire about security audits and proceed with the admission process accordingly. If a school does not perform security audits frequently, it might not be a secure place for your kid. 

A school safety committee should be present to ensure the safety of all the students. The committee should include parents, teachers, students, and other representatives from the school. 

Summing up

The safety of students should be a prime concern at an ideal school to prevent crimes and accidents. Only the top-notch security measures will relieve parents from worrying about their kids while they are at school.     



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