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Role of power and electricity in Crushing equipment:

What exactly is crushing equipment?

In its most basic form, crushing equipment is used to reduce the size of material into little chunks. Large machines are typically found as part of a gripper or facility. A rock crusher uses considerable force to smash or divide materials.

Most crushing equipment has large plates or hooks that apply pressure to whatever material is fed into the chamber. Although crushers can be small and portable, they are normally part of a larger material processing. In most stone quarries or mineral production plants, crushers, transporters, and screening systems are common. Typically, these systems work together to turn raw resources into marketable goods.

How Would Crushing Equipment Function?

The core parts of most crushing equipment are hammers with hefty, robust plates or jaws. When we feed the raw material into the crusher, the plates come together to reduce their size. These heavy-duty plates travel up and down, providing enough force and pressure to reduce the material’s size dramatically.

To minimize the size of their raw materials, some facilities employ several crushers. Because not all crushers can handle huge bits, the material handling circuit begins with a heavy-duty crusher. Jaw crushers are capable of crushing huge bits.

 They are used to reduce the size of the huge pieces so that the smaller crushers can handle them.

If a jaw crusher is required, a conveyor belt subsequently conveys the reduced material to a finer crusher. After the secondary crusher further reduces the material, another belt transports it to a screening machine.

Crushing equipment is a useful component of manufacturing because it is necessary to break down the material into manageable pieces before reaching the screening equipment.

What is the Function of Crushing Equipment?

Crushing equipment is one of the first processes in many material handling operations, productions, and occupations. Each job begins with a different material, necessitating the use of a distinct type of crusher.

Most crushers work similarly, although the end products are utilized for a wide range of purposes. 

The industrial and mining industry is a major user of crushing equipment. The raw materials are bombarded or extracted from deep underground. 

These materials must pass through a complex material handling system to be lucrative. The material is transported from the mine, crushed, and screened to remove the particles.

 Crushing machinery collaborates with all other devices to produce an end product – such as sand for roadways, salts for winterizing, and much more.

Crushing equipment are also used in the recycling sector to break glass bottle. The object is smashed into raw material after being placed into a specific crusher. It is then melted down and reused in reused glass containers just to repeat the process.

Selecting The Appropriate Crushing Equipment:

Not all crushing equipment is a good fit for all raw materials and processing systems. Conversely, choosing the right crushing equipment requires careful consideration of several factors, such as material hardness, expected yield, mobility requirements, and part quality. Taking into account all of these elements will ensure that you receive a piece of machinery that maximizes performance and efficiency.

Material Durability:

The reason that not all crushing equipment works effectively with all raw materials is largely hardness. The truth is that hard, abrasive materials require different equipment than clay and mud. Overall, jaw crushers perform well with the most difficult materials.

Cone crushers can also handle these strong materials. Still, they’re best employed for the second crushing round, leaving another crusher to handle the primary breakdown.

An impact crusher may be the best option if you have damaged materials because it can handle clay, dirt, and metal. In general, this sort of crushing machinery is better suited to light and medium-hard rock.

Reliability of the Part:

crushing equipment, like many other pieces of heavy machinery, is subjected to regular abuse. Crushing huge, rough pieces of raw resources requires a lot of effort, so you want to make sure the parts of your crusher equipment are up to the task.

Do your homework on some essential components of your crusher because an initial investment in increasing equipment will save you money in the long run.

The motor, container size, AR-400 liner, conveyor bearings, rollers, shafts, and drives are some of the crucial components to investigate. All of these parts should be able to withstand a lot of abuse.

Drying, grinding, and homogenization are critical processes or cycles in the manufacture of materials like cement. below is an explanation of each process and why it is employed in crushing equipment 


Drying is a mass exchange process that involves the ejection of water or other dissolvable liquid through dispersion from a fluid or solid. We first dry the substances to be pulverized in this procedure by crushing equipment.


Grinding or crushing takes to the process of reducing the molecular size of a substance. This entire system occurs in a factory. It reduces the molecular size of the substances to a normal value in the region of 10 to 15%. This crushing equipment produces raw meals, which transports to a homogenization process before the clinker production process.


Homogenization is one of several cycles used to create an equal mixture of two non-dissolving fluids. This is performed by changing one of the fluids into a state in which microscopic particles are uniformly distributed across the other fluid. The constituents of raw materials will be spread consistently by crushing equipment in this process by sensible mixing or pneumatic blending.

Prismec Crushing Services:

As the name implies, crushing is a hard process carried out in a harsh atmosphere. Prismecs’ crushing equipment and solutions withstand even the most rigorous testing, assisting teams in achieving consistent sizing and top output. 

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