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Risks Associated With Buying Medicines Online | Medgrids

As more people use the internet to learn about their health problems, some increasingly utilise it to purchase prescription drugs. However, many websites that sell pharmaceuticals are not registered as pharmacies, making purchases from them potentially dangerous.

Medicines for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra, and cholesterol-lowering drugs Many common medications, such as painkillers, are frequently supplied online for a low price and without a prescription or pharmacist’s advice.

However, this is dangerous because medicine should only be used under the direction of a physician. Their advice on whether a prescription is right for you, the dose, any side effects, and any potentially dangerous combinations with other medications is critical.

Medicine obtained from an unregistered website may be hazardous to your health because it may be outdated, diluted or fake.

Purchasing medications safely over the internet

Before dispensing prescription-only medications, an online pharmacy must receive a legally valid prescription. This means you’ll need a paper prescription or an electronic prescription from a GP or another healthcare practitioner via the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

If you choose, you can mail the prescription yourself. However, an email prescription will not suffice. The drug can be dispensed and shipped to you once the medication is received.

Alternatively, some sites provide prescriber services, including an online consultation followed by the delivery of a prescription to a pharmacy for dispensing.

It’s sometimes tough to distinguish between legitimate internet pharmacies and commercial ones.


Problems emerge when people self-diagnose a sickness and then buy prescription drugs without a prescription online. The website that sells this drug is breaking the law.

Here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Always purchase your medication from a trusted pharmacy or retailer.
  • Taking prescription medicine without a legitimate prescription is never a good idea.
  •  The medication may not suit you and may create unpleasant side effects or pose a significant health risk.
  • Medicines should not be seen as everyday items. Fake medicine has the potential to harm your health.
  • Do not be enticed by “spam” emails offering low-cost drugs. It almost always is if something appears to be too good to be true.
  • When buying medicine online, look for the internet pharmacy logo or the GPhC registration.
  • You can also search up the pharmacist’s registration status by looking up the name and address of the pharmacy that runs the website, as it should be linked to a “bricks and mortar” pharmacy.
  • Medicine purchased from shady websites may be of low quality and potentially harmful at worst. What you get in the mail could be fake, inferior, or unapproved new medicine, putting your health at risk.

Prescription Drugs 

Counterfeit prescription medications are unlawful and can be harmful to your health so you need to avoid fake medicines. They’re phoney medicines that haven’t been manufactured according to the pharmacological specifications of the drugs they claim to be. These fake prescription pills could be contaminated, contain faulty components, or have no active substance. They could have the correct active ingredient but the incorrect dosage. Don’t be deceived by phoney prescription pharmaceuticals masquerading as genuine medications; utilising them could worsen your health problems.

Prescription Drug Counterfeiting Prevention:

  • Examine the package and lot numbers of prescription drugs carefully, and keep an eye out for any differences from one prescription to the next.
  • If your prescription pill appears to be suspect, go to your pharmacist or doctor.
  • Contact your pharmacist and physician if you experience any adverse side effects from your prescription or if your condition does not improve.
  • When buying medications over the internet, be cautious. Do not buy drugs from unlicensed internet distributors or those that do not require a prescription. 
  • A seal of approval will be given to reputable online pharmacies.
  • Be wary that product promotions, price reductions, and other “special deals” may be linked to the advertising of counterfeit products.


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