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Reasons to Use Online Converters for 1 Biswa in Sq Feet

Biswa is a land measuring unit commonly used in the northern states of India, such as UP, Haryana, Uttarakhand etc. This unit is not standard and varies with each state, unlike square feet. This makes it challenging for individuals unfamiliar with square feet to decide when investing or taking a loan against property. In this case, an online area conversion calculator comes handy. Whether individuals want to convert 1 biswa in sq feet or to any other prevalent measuring units, this easy-to-use online tool makes it convenient to obtain an accurate land value.

Why should individuals use an online land area converter?

Residents of UP, Haryana, Uttarakhand etc., use biswa and bigha to measure agricultural lands. Almost every real estate developer uses square feet when transacting properties in different cities. Here, individuals can take the help of an area conversion calculator to make the computation easy and time-saving.

Take a look at the benefits of using an area conversion calculator:

It reduces the effort and saves time

A land area calculator removes the hassle of manual calculation, quickly provides the correct result, and saves time.

Provides accurate result

Online calculators eliminate the chances of error in manual calculation. Knowing the accurate land value makes it easier for an individual to assess the loan quantum when availing of a loan against property.

Several leading financiers offer a high-value loan against property at an attractive interest rate against simple eligibility criteria.

Existing customers can also enjoy pre-approved offers, further streamlining the loan application process. The pre-approved offers are available on secured and unsecured financial products. Willing individuals can check their pre-approved offers by submitting their names and contact numbers.

Before applying for this secured credit, kindly note the fees and charges for a loan against property in advance to avoid confusion later.

Use calculator for free anytime and anywhere

There is no need to carry a pen and paper or a calculator to convert biswa to square feet. Individuals can use an online area conversion calculator for free anytime and anywhere when required without any usage restriction.

Easy to use

Individuals simply need to enter the units of land area in biswa and input the land measurement unit they wish to convert to get the exact land value in square feet.

Steps to use area conversion calculator online

As mentioned earlier, biswa as a land measurement unit lacks standardization and differs with each state. For example, 1 biswa in sq feet is 1361.25 (sq. ft) in Andhra Pradesh. At the same time, 1 biswa is 720 square ft in Assam. Similarly, 1 biswa is equivalent to 1361 square feet in Bihar.

Hence, take a look at how to use an area conversion calculator online to convert biswa to square feet to avoid confusion during property transactions.

Here’s the step-wise guide mentioned below:

Step 1: Browse and select a reliable online website to get an area converter

Step 2: Select the state in which the property is located

Step 3: Enter the units land area in Biswas, for example, 1 biswa, and select the square feet in the other tab to get the land value in square feet.

Thus, using an online area converter is a simple yet easy way to convert 1 biswa in sq feet. Individuals can use this calculator before approaching a lender for a loan against property to assess how much loan amount they require. Make sure to go through the important do’s and don’ts when taking a loan against property.

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