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Reasons for Elderly Looking Dementia Support in BC

Seniors who are suffering from dementia are going through drastic changes in emotional and psychological aspects. This is highly challenging for elders to cope with daily. Hence, they require adequate support related to household chores and health-related tasks like timely appointments with doctors, having medicines as per prescription, etc. For seniors, such work becomes complex to do alone, and they look for caregivers. This is the primary reason for opting for dementia support in BC

The article will cover the effects and impact, particularly emotional & psychological, in detail. Also, know the significance of a caregiver in an elder’s life dealing with dementia.

Effects of Dementia

There are various severe effects of dementia which are common to 80 per cent of seniors are mentioned below: 

  • Lack of self-esteem
  • Poor confidence
  • Loss of memory
  • Frequent forgetfulness
  • Avoid social roles and relationships
  • Least interested in favourite activities or hobbies
  • Impact on the regular tasks such as cooking, driving, etc.

You can see such changes in a senior member of your family. Though some of the abilities will exist normally, the emotional connection and mental health will show some acute changes gradually. 

What Kind of Emotional Changes Could be Seen? 

As mentioned above, emotional responses will differ from what the elders used to have. There will be rapid mood changes or overreaction over certain things that are not highly complicated. Moreover. They will start maintaining a distance from their family members and their social circle apart from home. 

Dementia care in Vancouver offers the service to help seniors have control over their feelings. Caregivers carry skills and experience that help the elder to respond correctly in situations. In addition, the right caregiver will look beyond the action, behaviour, or words. He or she knows how to handle a person suffering from this particular disease. 

Psychological Signs that You can Observe 

Many people relate emotional behaviour with psychological behaviour. However, both are different. Emotional changes are those that are connected to a person’s feelings & moods. However, psychological concerns are the ones that influence behaviour due to the poor functioning of the brain. Psychological signs such as: 

  • Memory loss
  • Forgetting things more often 
  • Sudden screaming 
  • Doubting a person 
  • Following someone around 
  • Repeatedly asking the same question 

Role of Home Care 

Home care services are designed with an aim to support the elders or people who are dependent. These days every person is occupied with some sort of work. It’s difficult for a family member to take care of the dependent needs every time. Caregivers are hired to look after them and reduce the stress of a family. 

Similarly, Alzheimer’s support in BC offers service to the senior or a person who is suffering from this disease. Support is a need for a diseased person as they need someone who can have a check on them when no one is around. They can be harmful to themselves and others as they have less control over their emotions and brain.



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