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The Benefits of Using Non-Woven or Polypropylene Cloth Bags

Everyone is aware of the disadvantages of using plastic bags. These pollutants and solid waste items sit in waste sites, landfills, and clog drains, filling the ocean. Because of this, people and companies are going back to the old, recyclable paper bags. However, the problem with recyclable bags is that they are not reusable, and the recycling process is a continuous process. Getting wholesale non-woven bags is a wise choice as these bags are more eco-friendly than recyclable bags. Custom Earth Promos make each non-woven bag with 100% reusable and recyclable polypropylene plastic. They work directly with a dedicated expert to make an exclusive design that captures your campaign and brand message with every aesthetic detail.

Woven bags are recyclable and reusable, but these bags are more labor-intensive. It requires more energy to create them. This means they are not an eco-friendly option.

On the other hand, companies use non-woven polypropylene (pp) cloth for making non-woven bags. The material feels and looks like cloth, but it is a more economically sound alternative. Polypropylene cloth is not only an economical option, but it provides many benefits. Check out the benefits of polypropylene.

Benefits of polypropylene

The main benefits of polypropylene material are –

  • 100% recyclable
  • It can burn without toxic contaminants and biodegradable.
  • No PVC coating or use of water in the manufacturing process.
  • More reusable because of greater durability.
  • Heat transfer, full-color and screen printing available.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable or packable
  • Washable
  • Liquid repellent
  • Air-permeable

The list of benefits is endless.

Benefits of using non-woven bags

Non-woven bags of polypropylene fabric have a cotton-like finish and are smooth. Everyone, whether they are shoppers or simply environmentally cautious, love these bags. You can find these bags in attractive prints and colors; this is why these bags are the first choice for wholesalers, retailers and big brands today. Non-woven bags are durable and can sustain life up to 5 years.

You can use these bags as much as you want over time. That’s precisely the reason why these bags are the preferred choice of marketers. The benefits of using it include durability. When you compare traditional shopping bags to non-woven bags, you will see they last for a longer time. You can use non-woven bags for at least for 5 years without any problems.

Another benefit is its advertising capability. A stylish design, along with a logo or brand name printed vibrantly, is all you need as a great advertising tool. It has become a common practice in marketing to print brands and logos on fancy bags to promote the brand. The non-woven bags are also very economical. The manufacturers customize them in a way that can reduce the production cost.

Manufacturers use the sealed ultrasonic method to save money and time while manufacturing these bags. You already know about the eco-friendliness of these bags and the materials used for making them. Lastly, these bags are trendy. Manufacturers pay more attention to the looks. They ensure the bags look stylish and satisfy the needs of the style-conscious generation of today.



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