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Parenting And Its Type: All You Need To Know

There is no perfect way to describe it when we talk about parenting. Along with the child, parents also grow. They grow to be more productive, more patient, and understanding. There are different ways in which parents swing into one another. Suppose some parents want their child to do exactly what they say. While other parents listen to their child’s decisions, they are never rigid toward their own decisions, like flexible learning through the best school management software. So in this article, we are going to discuss different parenting styles and their effects on the children. That might help parents understand how to cope with the little stars.

Different Types Of Parenting

Authoritarian type – in short, you can say the parents who set rules and let their children follow them regularly. E.g., you have to wake up at 5 o’clock no matter what day it is. They live in the virtual world where they see their child as the perfect person, and no mistake is allowed them; some of the features of this type of parenting are as follows –

  1. Parents don’t accept flexibility in parenting. They are more challenging and more traditional types of parenting.
  2. Children have to respect and care about what their parents say, and their opinion but parents don’t follow children’s views.

Effect on children –

  • Children know exactly where the boundary lies and what happens if they cross it.
  • Children are pro in lying and can use any level of lies to hide the truth from their parents.
  • They can be more calm yet very short-tempered and can brush their anger on anyone.
  • There could be a negotiable conversation between parents and children, and hence in teenage, there might be more tension between them.

Permissive type – This is the opposite of authoritarianism, where parents respect children’s opinions, provide equal space, and manage to be more interactive, just like online teaching software such asschool LMS. Following are some of the features of permissive parenting –

  • Parents are more likely to be friends who talk to their children more friendly ways.
  • Children are provided their own space, and no rules are set.
  • Parents are likely to advise children about what is wrong or right, and if they find them guilty of any action, they try to keep things more normal. And make them understand by telling them about the result and harm.

Effect on children

  • Children are more likely to be chill and relaxed.
  • They are more likely to be undisciplined and not follow any rule of society or state.
  • They are careless about their career or responsibility.
  • Open nature with parents makes them more socially acceptable yet selfish.

Authoritative parents – They come in between permissive as well as authoritarian parenting. In this type of parenting, parents don’t give much freedom but still are not strict about the rules. They cared for their child with love, but still, parents became strict whenever they went the wrong way and helped their children go on the right path.

Effect on children

  • Parents are more friendly and teach everything in their way. Thus children could visibly realize their ways and circumstances.
  • Children are more sensible and could be more tolerable.
  • They are more goal-focused and work on it.
  • Parents are flexible and hence help children develop and manage things more effectively.

Uninvolved parenting – It is one of the unique types of parenting. Here parents think that they have to fulfill the needs of their children. There is no such bond between parents and children. Parents are careless about their children and their career or emotional availability.

Effect on children

  • Children are more independent and self-sufficient.
  • Children get attached more easily to outside people. And when ditched can force them to go into depression.
  • They have communication and are not socially acceptable anymore.


So these are different types of parenting; although no one is perfect, it will surely help parents understand how to tackle their children properly and effectively.



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