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Online Meeting Etiquettes For Virtual Interaction Platform

There is a necessity for well-documented pointers highlighting meeting etiquettes on a Virtual Interaction Platform. We all must have witnessed and attended at least one meeting in a while since the advent of the pandemic. However, this is a well-accepted fact now that business professionals, private organizations, and even individuals require a well-built document indicating the etiquettes for virtual conferencing platforms. 

Virtual conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., have established a virtual eco-system catering to the needs of every organization. Moreover, the etiquettes for online meetings haven’t been achieved yet. 

When people are at their home, they want to feel comfortable because that’s how our brain is wired, and sitting in formals or turning the camera on for the entire duration of the meeting is becoming a tough task for employees. 

So, let’s study some necessary etiquettes for virtual Meeting platforms:

  • Always ask for the agenda of the meeting: Time is a precious resource, especially while you are operating in virtual workplaces, because you are solely responsible for fulfilling your tasks on time, and no one is there to monitor you. So, when you receive an invite to attend an online meeting, it’s decent etiquette to reply back and ask for the agenda of the meeting. 

When you know the agenda and why you are invited to the meeting, you can prepare yourself accordingly. You can also leave the meeting when your part is done, of course, with the due permission of the host. So now you know why it’s important for you to know what you are called for! 

  • Come prepared: This is something very important for you to contribute some value to the meeting. When you know the agenda, you can take notes of the questions you want to ask or any suggestions that you would like to put forth. 

For instance, you are a product manager, and the meeting is hosted by the CEO to know the progress of the product you are working on. Now you know that you have to ask your team to give even minute details about the product so that you can prepare the pointers for the meeting accordingly. 

  • Send a text or any signal to others that you are in a meeting: Virtual workplaces are prone to disturbance because most people live with their families. And even the ones who were used to living alone got shifted to their hometown after the pandemic because now they could operate from home. 

So to avoid these external disturbances and distractions, you need to put a signal that you are attending a meeting right now. This will increase your engagement in the meeting and, of course, will further increase your productivity. 

Also, when you are fully engaged and paying complete attention to what the host is saying, it will definitely improve your image in the office.  

  • Log in early: This is one of the most important meeting etiquettes. You must always log in five minutes early from the meeting time. This will show that you have come prepared for the meeting and will also indicate that you aren’t distracted. 

In case you are going to be late for the meeting due to an emergency or any technical issue, then message the organizer in advance. 

It becomes more important to join early when you are joining the meeting on a new platform because of the installation process. So, be prepared in advance and keep the software installed. 

  • Always turn on your camera: While you are talking to an expert or anyone of higher authority, always turn on your camera. It is an extremely crucial online meeting etiquette because the host will observe this and will judge you on this basis. 

It might be an indication that you are less interested in the meeting and you are busy doing something else. This will hamper your image in front of the host, and they might point it out. 

So to show your engagement and interest in the meeting, it’s important to turn on your camera. 

  • Mute yourself when you aren’t speaking: It’s important to keep yourself on mute unless you are speaking something because of three reasons: 
  1. When it’s a large meeting or twenty or more people. 
  2. When you hear a feedback echo. 
  3. When you live with your family, and there is noise in the background. 

When your system gets unmute by mistake, people attending the meeting can hear the background noises. This is a negative indication. So you must make sure that this type of situation doesn’t prevail. 

  • Don’t leave the room: You must not leave the room until the meeting is done. Suppose there is someone at the door, then you must leave a message that you will be right back. And if you are turning off your camera because of a certain issue, then also you can drop a message on the chatbox. 


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