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Online Face Verification – Getting into Complete Automation

Facial recognition technology has been widely adopted by businesses all around the world. However, some companies are still using traditional methods of business operations. One problem is that clients have not been able to obtain complete automation with the technology. It is not the case that the latest technology promises no financial growth because research has shown substantial revenue generation in it. It is easy to under the massive shift because technology is entering our daily life slowly. The developed nations (e.g. USA, China, and United Kingdom) have entered the circle of technological transformation. So, client identity verification happens through the face and not the documents.

What is AI-backed Face Verification Technology?

Facial recognition technology is applied to authenticate the identity of the client’s face verification with high accuracy. The technology captures the facial signature of the client and matches it with the previously provided information in the company’s database. The machine uses machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to enhance its experience on a regular basis. Hence, there is no need to submit ID cards and go through hectic monitoring procedures. Biometric verification service is another word for facial recognition.

The Use Cases of Face Recognition Process in the Corporate World

There is no need to carry Official Documents while Traveling

The majority of airports around the world are upgrading their system to AI face recognition online so that there is no hassle to authenticate and organize the documents given by the customers. It also gives relief to the clients that they do not have to worry about the safety of their documents while traveling. One of the big reasons that airports and other traveling agencies made the big shift was because of human trafficking and incidences of financial terrorism. It also happened that somebody reported drug trafficking cases to the authorities. All such negative instances alerted the regulatory bodies and pushed them to take stringent measures. In this way, the authorities have shown the importance of passenger safety and ensuring positive experiences 

Major Crime Prevention through the Latest Facial Verification Software

The law enforcement authorities always want to eliminate any shortcomings in their systems that can give an advantage to the criminals in any way. FBI has been using facial verification technology for a long time to identify criminals and major suspects of the crime. The criminal investigation system runs on its basis and the court proceedings are carried out in such ways. The system also makes sure that genuine criminals get caught and that no unnecessary arrests are made. The USA police force also uses the technology to detect criminals in public places and cameras. Some of these steps were unacceptable to the human rights activists so they pointed out the flaw of privacy violations in the technology. 

What are Some Challenges in Reaching Full Automation?

The higher regulatory authorities have not given free authority to users over their technology use. It is to ensure the safety of public data. 

San Francisco’s supervisory body banned the use of technology in 2019 for different agencies. In other cities (e.g. San Diego), the police cannot use CCTV footage for catching suspects.

For achieving the goal of full automation, it is important that clients use the technology with care and respect the restrictions that come with it. They are important to protect the privacy of the public. The public privacy issue is huge for the regulatory bodies. They created GDPR and CCPA to maintain the restrictions on Customer data usage by the private companies. Consequently, compliance with information protection protocols and careful usage of clients’ data can take the technology to new levels of growth (i.e. full automation).

A Note of Encouragement

There is a lot of potential for the corporate sector in technology. So, businesses should stay in compliance with KYC and AML regulations. In reality, facial authentication is a pragmatic solution for companies. It can facilitate companies in early fraud detection, client identity verification, and reduction of money laundering instances. Facial authentication technology is biometric authentication and it is safe and secure for the companies. For the clients, it means that they get to have more positive experiences and show trust towards the organization. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, companies from all over the world accept clients remotely. It is because they want to expand their reach globally. The facial technology allows the users to smoothly onboard their customers with safe login credentials. For achieving sustainable growth in the market and standing out in high competition, it is critical that the technology should be applied with thorough data protection given by the owners. So, the future has a lot of positives for the public and private agencies if they learn to apply the technology with full automation. 



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